Kaitlynn – End of Sophomore Year Reflection

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It’s the end of my sophomore year and I feel… content. Stressed about finals, yes, but also comfortable at Mudd. These past two semesters I have made sure to take courses I was interested in. This was important to me because the HMC Core filled up the time I could have used to explore my interests in a classroom setting. As a freshman, this made me feel lost as I was missing out on desired academic experiences to focus on Core. Thus, these past two semesters have been dedicated to rediscovering topics I may be interested in and want to explore further at Mudd. I have gotten to work on projects in which I surprised myself with my creativity and perseverance, read chapters that have challenged my view of the world, and met professors with incredibly interesting backgrounds. These past two semesters have made my Mudd experience feel more complete (not fully! I’m still a sophomore eh heh) for myself. I am incredibly grateful for them. I am grateful for my friends, mentors, and professors who have helped me to stay grounded at Mudd. Lastly, I am grateful for my time as a social media intern as I had the opportunity to make fun content and view Mudd from a different perspective. 

Have a great summer,

Kaitlynn Gray ‘25