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Kaitlynn – End of Sophomore Year Reflection

It’s the end of my sophomore year and I feel… content. Stressed about finals, yes, but also comfortable at Mudd. These past two semesters I have made sure to take courses I was interested in. This was important to me because the HMC Core filled up the time I could have used to explore my […]

Looking back on my first year at Mudd

As the semester comes to an end, I look back at my first year here at Mudd and cannot help but be grateful for my experience so far. Orientation feels like it happened ages ago, and it feels like I’ve known my closest friends here for years.  Coming from an international high school, with a […]

FIRST Championship in Houston, TX – Counselor Highlight

As an Admission Counselor at Harvey Mudd College, it is no surprise that I have read my fair share of robotics essays and have seen the word “FIRST” or the acronyms “FRC,” “FTC,” or “FLL” in the activities list of a students application. I thought I got the gist of it- students build a robot… […]

A Day Off Campus: Exploring LA

One aspect that I enjoy about Harvey Mudd is that although the campus is located in a suburban area, we have a large city close to us. This way, I have been able to enjoy some of the perks of being in a large city while living and studying in a more calm and quiet […]

Things that Bring Mudders Joy: Part 2

ASP (Admitted Students Program) at Mudd took place recently, and I thought it was really fun to see the prefrosh getting the opportunity to experience Mudd not only through information sessions, but also through fun and lighthearted Chocolate Society and Skate Club events. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend ASP when I was admitted, […]

Humans v Zombies

Today, I bring you a classic Mudd tradition, and one of my personal favorite sports to watch, Mudd’s Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) game. Once per semester, utter chaos descends upon the entire campus for a week (not literally–all of the academic buildings are excluded from the game) as students – and professors sometimes – participate […]

End of First Year Reflection!

Greetings! I know it’s only April, but we only have 2 weeks of regular classes left! This means that I am almost finished with my first year at Mudd. It has been a wild and amazing academic year, and I thought I would share it with you.  This whole Mudd adventure started with moving into […]

Research at Mudd: Lab for CATS

One of the things that I have most valued about my time at Mudd and the computer science major is the opportunity to get involved in academic research. Working in different labs has given me a great sense for what parts of computer science I am most interested in and helped me develop useful skills–including […]

Topped Lavender and Sowthistle: A reflection on my experience at Mudd

As I was walking around campus this week, I spent a few moments interacting with the flora of Mudd. In contrast to the blocky architecture that forms the foundation of the Mudd visual experience, Mudd is covered with a variety of plants. From flowers to succulent plants to trees, the flora of Mudd reaches out […]

A Week in 5C Dining

An aspect to consider when deciding what college to attend that sometimes is forgotten is dining. This can include food allergies, dietary restrictions, and/or individual preferences. My experience so far at Mudd has shown me that they put consideration into each of these aspects. The dining hall at HMC, which we call “the Hoch”, has […]