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Tip of the Month: So You’re Starting Your College Search…part 2

Welcome back and welcome to part 2 of starting your college search. In Part 1, we covered, well, YOU! After you have done your own reflection, it’s time to look outward. Connect with Colleges Don’t be afraid to join the mailing list for colleges you are considering. This is the best way to get up-to-date […]

What Can You Create in the Makerspace?

Lizard in potted plant

Hello, fellow creators! In case you didn’t know, the McGregor Computer Science Center just opened up at the start of this school year, and the bottom floor features the Makerspace and the Machine Shop. As a freshman student currently in the engineering elective E4, I’ve gotten lots of exposure to both of these. I’m still […]

Reflections on the End of the Year 2021-22

The school year is all wrapped up! Mudders have finished finals (I hope) and are prepping for next year. Before we head off to whatever summer brings, the social media interns took some time to reflect on the 2021-2022 school year. Serena Mao ’25 I can’t seem to reconcile how I’m feeling right now: I’m […]

Relaxing during finals week

Finals week at college is certainly a stressful time, whether you are working on projects or studying for exams. There is a lot of pressure to demonstrate what you have learned throughout the semester. This is somehow my sixth finals week here at Mudd (when did I become an upperclassman?), and I have developed some […]

Academic Excellence and Getting Help at Mudd

The first two years of a student’s time at Mudd are primarily taken up with the Core curriculum, a set of classes from all the departments that Mudders take together. The Core offers an opportunity to get to know other students with vastly different interests than you, to experience all of the departments so you […]

Registration Time: Again

It’s almost time to register for next semester’s classes, so I’ll take this opportunity to talk about some of the course offerings here at Mudd, as well as some of my favorite classes so far!  For some background, before we register for classes, Mudders browse courses on, a convenient website designed and maintained by […]

Insights for future Mudd student-athletes

Good morning, afternoon or evening, prospective Mudders!  Today’s post is for those of you who plan to play on an athletic team during college. To talk about it properly, I invited some of my student-athletes friends, Hannah Dearman-So and Nithya Yeluri ‘25, who were happy to give us some insight on their experience as student-athletes […]

A Mile From Mudd

Harvey Mudd’s pretty small, so there’s no doubt you’ll be getting off campus. But what if you don’t feel like renting an Uber or getting in a car? Or what if you’re too lazy to walk even two miles? Don’t fret! Mudd has plenty of “attractions” less than a mile away—enough to satisfy your occasional […]

Faculty Profile: Professor Vosburg

Today we are featuring a conversation with Professor David Vosburg from Harvey Mudd’s Chemistry Department! How long have you taught at Mudd? I’ve taught at Mudd since 2005, with a sabbatical year in England in 2013-14 and in Mexico 2018-19. Which classes do you teach regularly, and which are you teaching right now? I regularly […]

Research at Mudd: HEATlab

One of my favorite things about Mudd is just how easy it is to get involved in research! I’ve done two summers of research in the computer science department so far and will be doing a third at the end of this semester – which I am very excited about. Typically, research done during the […]