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HSA Concentrations: Japanese

Today’s blog about HSA concentrations is a conversation with Anya Porter, a senior concentrating in Japanese! How did you pick your concentration? I came into Harvey Mudd, knowing that I really liked learning foreign languages. We were required in my high school to take three years of foreign language, so I did two years of […]

5C Resource: The Hive

As members of the Claremont Colleges Consortium, Harvey Mudd students have access to countless resources within the five schools. Whether it’s dining halls, sports, classes or clubs, Mudders are far from lacking when it comes to cross college engagement opportunities.  One resource in particular, is The Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity, better […]

Meet our Fall Tour Guides!

 Paco Navarro (he/they) Class of 2023 From Minneapolis, MN Major: Physics and Math Ache Loar (they/them) Class of 2024 From San Mateo, CA Major: Chemistry & Literature Andres Rivas (he/his) Class of 2024 From Minneapolis, MN Major: Joint Computer Science and Mathematics Marcella Todd (she/her) Class of 202 From Mobile, AL Major: Computer Science Lauren […]

Mudd Traditions- Anya ’23

Image of paper hearts on walls.

Mudd has developed plenty of traditions and lore over the years. Prank club has pulled some truly spectacular stunts like stealing CalTech’s cannon, erecting a pedestal saying that it is “on loan from HMC,” or labeling CalTech as “Harvey Mudd: Pasadena campus.” On campus, we have lore of why our honor code forbids siege weapons, […]

HSA Concentrations: Introduction

One of the factors that really attracted me to Mudd was the focus on the humanities, social sciences, and arts (what we call HSA). Though Mudd is a STEM school and only offers STEM majors, every student is also required to take HSA classes. These classes are built into our schedule at every level – […]

Junior Year Reflections with Katheryn ’23

As we approach the start of a new school year, let’s take a look at Katheryn Wang’s (‘23) junior year! Katheryn is an Engineering and History double major; on top of an Engineering degree at Harvey Mudd, she is also pursuing an off-campus History major at Scripps College.  Within her Engineering major, Katheryn is most […]

Quick College Essay Tips

Writing the personal statement essay can feel like the biggest hurdle early in the college application process. Whether you’ve written your first draft already, have some ideas floating in your head, or have nothing at all; these tips will help get you on track. Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to be the real you. Reading […]

Mudd for the Musically Inclined

Many Mudders make music, and there are many outlets for doing so here at HMC. Other blog posts have focused on one particular aspect, so here I will go for a general overview. First, there is the joint music program which has two choirs and an orchestra. I personally have sung in both choirs, the […]

Day in the Life of a Mudder – Anya ’23

It’s been a while since the last day in the life of a Mudder blog post (from 2018 on here) so I thought why not write about a typical day for me last semester. We have a lot of freedom here at Mudd to design our course schedule, there are classes that we need to […]