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Farewell from the bloggers

Today is the last day of classes at Mudd! Even as our bloggers are busy preparing for final exams and summer plans, they have some time to reflect on the 2020-21 school year. Amber I’ve done it! I’ve survived my first year in college! In all seriousness, the transition from high school to college has […]

Parent to Parent: Why Mudd?

Gary Hunter, a parent of one of the members of the Class of 2021, shared his thoughts about the cost and benefits associated with attending Harvey Mudd as part of a recent Facebook conversation. With his permission, we wanted to share his words with you: “It sounds like you’re not convinced it’s worth the money. […]

[Y HMC?] with Shifa Somji

For this [Y HMC?] post, we are talking to Shifa Somji! She first heard about Mudd as a sophomore in high school, when a senior at her school was admitted to Mudd and chose to attend. That put it on her radar, but it wasn’t until she visited Mudd that she knew for sure that […]

[Y HMC?] with Maya Abo Dominguez

For this [Y HMC?], we are talking to Maya Abo Dominguez, a junior computer science major at Mudd. She first heard about Mudd from a high school friend, who applied (and attended) as part of the class of 2020. The choice to come to Mudd was a collection of different things. One was the collaborative […]

[Y HMC?] with Kausik Das

For this [Y HMC?] post, we are talking to sophomore Kausik Das. He first heard about Mudd his senior year from his college counselor and several friends who had heard he wanted to study math. Intrigued, he ended up reading Professor Benjamin’s book The Magic of Math and deciding to apply. Kausik really liked the […]

[Y HMC?] with Jonathan Lo

For the next edition of [Y HMC?], we are meeting Jonathan Lo, a sophomore at Mudd! He first heard about Mudd through an admissions counselor who knew he was interested in both liberal arts and engineering. Though at first glance he didn’t find the website very intriguing, he had an opportunity to talk to a […]

[Y HMC?] With Katie Johnson

To help showcase what made different current students choose to attend Mudd, we’ll be asking some of them [Y HMC?] over the next few weeks. For today’s installment, we talked to Mudd sophomore Katie Johnson! Katie first heard about Mudd from her mother, who applied to Mudd for college but did not end up attending. […]

Faculty Profile: Haydee Lindo

Meet one of the new faculty members for the 2020–2021 school year, Professor Haydee Lindo! Prof. Lindo is teaching in the math department and has become involved across campus. Read our faculty profile on her below, which consists of an interview conducted in fall 2020. Where did you go for undergrad and grad school? Where […]

Meet your new blogger-friends

Amber Hughes Class Year: 2024 Hometown: Northridge, CA High school: Granada Hills Charter High School Major: probably engineering, but considering computer science  HSA concentration: Psychology? Gender studies? Music? Courses I am taking this semester: BIOL052 HM – Introduction to Biology, CHEM023B HM – Chemistry in the Modern World II, HSA010 HM-08 – Critical Inquiry (Love, […]

Sophomore Retreat 2021

In a normal year, the weekend before the spring semester starts is marked with a collection of the sophomore class getting together with deans from the Division of Student Affairs and heading up to the mountains for some bonding activities (for an idea of what that looks like, here’s a blog post from 2016!) Obviously, […]