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HSA Concentrations: Science, Technology, and Society

Today’s HSA post is a conversation with Josephine Adams, who in addition to having a concentration in Science, Technology, and Society (STS), is double majoring in it. The first question I have is, how did you pick your concentration? Well, the first elective that I ever took to Harvey Mudd was actually a History of […]

Whiteboard vs Chalkboard

Welcome back,  Because you are reading this blog, you are probably contemplating going to a STEM school, which probably means you probably like STEM. Across all disciplines of STEM, there exists an ongoing debate of whether chalkboards or whiteboards are better.  If you were born after 2000, like me, you are probably more familiar with […]

The Shanahan Building: The Perfect Academic Environment

The Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning (often referred to as Shan) is the center of academia at Mudd. Throughout the building, classrooms of different layouts provide students with the perfect learning environment, and teachers with their preferred set-up for teaching.  Every classroom is equipped with chairs, tables, a teaching desk and chair, projectors and […]

Faculty Profile: Associate Professor of Music and Director of Choirs Music Charles Kamm

One of the best parts about attending Harvey Mudd is the access students have to professors within the 5C Consortium. Professor Charles Kamm has been teaching at the Claremont Colleges since 2005, directing the Claremont Treble Singers and the Claremont Concert Choir. He attended Earlham College during his undergrad, receiving an education as a general […]

Staying Active: Swimming at the 5Cs

It’s getting colder in Claremont, but I surprisingly haven’t had any issues keeping up with my Asynchronous Swim Conditioning PE course this semester. All Mudd students are required to do three semesters of PE, and I chose to sign up for a swim course for the fall semester. The course is super flexible, I get […]

HSA Concentrations: Political Science

Today’s HSA post is a conversation with Liam Chalk, a senior whose concentration is political science. How did you pick political science for your concentration? I grew up in Washington, DC, so I’ve always been interested in political science. My parents have worked in government adjacent roles, they don’t work directly for the government, but […]

[Y HMC?] Jason Gounder

Hi! My name is Jason Gounder. My pronouns are He/Him, and my hometown is Phoenix, Arizona – although I’m proud to call Mudd home too! I’m a freshman in the Class of 2026, and I plan on majoring in Computer Science. I first heard about Mudd from my college counselor. I was looking for a […]

Sustainability Club

Of all the numerous and exciting events always taking place at Mudd, the club fairs at the beginning of the semester were probably some of my favorites. Although I did sign up for way too many mailing lists, most of the clubs were super intriguing, one of those being the Sustainability Club. I initially thought […]