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Cache me Inside, Programming, Until like, Midnight or Something

Hello Internet, Joaquín here. Today, I’m going to talk about one of my courses from fall semester: CS105, also known as Computer Systems! This course taught me all about “how computer systems execute programs, store information, and communicate.” The course was split up into two components: classroom lecture and partner lab work. The classroom experience […]

Welcome to my Crib – Sontag

  What’s up everyone, welcome to the next installment of our dorm profile series. Today, we’ll be continuing our look into Mudd’s outer dorms with an article about Sontag, the second-newest (completed in 2004) dorm at Mudd.  Sontag is a two-story dorm containing seventeen suites, which consist of singles and doubles surrounding a common living […]

Welcome to My Crib: Drinkward

What’s up everyone, it’s me again with the first of our “Welcome to my Crib” dorm profiles! Today, we’ll be looking at Drinkward, both the largest (capable of housing 131 students on its three floors) and newest of Mudd’s nine dorms (having opened in 2015), as well as the dorm with the most admissions bloggers […]

Core at Mudd: CS 5

Overview The Core Curriculum takes up most of a Mudder’s first three semesters. It’s intended to give all of us a base of knowledge across the different scientific fields, as well as the humanities. As a frosh (freshman) all but one of my classes are Core. And while I have enjoyed all of my classes […]

Hands-On Learning at Mudd

Howdy friends! In the academic world, there is a big focus on learning abstract ideas. It’s true that people at Mudd (and others in the academic world) spend a lot of time learning about models, theories, equations, etc… However, we also get some experience working on very tangible, cool projects. So, I wanted to talk […]

Ask For Help Dinners

One of the things that Harvey Mudd prides itself on is fostering collaboration and empowering students to ask for help if they need it. Asking for help, however, can be hard. I’ve personally found that I feel embarrassed when I have to ask for help, especially when I didn’t necessarily need it as much in […]

A Refined Critique of Snacks

I have a confession to make to all of you: I am a chronic snacker. Through work, midterms, fire drills, meals, sleep, and general daily life, I frequently interrupt my activities to satiate my snacking urges. I already have found myself, on countless occasions this semester, sitting in my kitchen past midnight, crunching on carrots […]

To our early decision applicants…

To Our Early Decision Applicants, This Friday – December 13th at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time- we’ll be releasing our ED1 decisions.+ We first want to thank all of you who applied for taking the time and care to apply to Harvey Mudd. We saw in your applications how carefully you thought about what it […]

To students affected by natural disasters

To the prospective students affected by natural disasters this fall, we first want to offer you all of our best wishes from our office and from Harvey Mudd College. We understand the challenges of recovering from natural disasters, and hope that you are able to prioritize the health and well-being of yourself, your family, and […]

Good Vibes Only Festival: TeaMarr, Klassy, maryjessie, and more!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Harvey Mudd College had a music festival called the Good Vibes Only Festival. The entire festival was put together by students, and it served to not only bring some awesome artists to campus, but also to celebrate Black women and women of color in hip hop and r&b. This was the […]