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FAQ: The Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts         

April 17, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

  The Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts (HSA) is a third of every Harvey Mudd student’s curriculum. An incredibly important part of our education here, our HSA classes teach us to address problems from multiple dimensions, and get a really well-rounded education. Here are some FAQ that come up about the HSAs here at Mudd: […]

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

April 3, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

Congratulations pre-frosh of 2019! You’ve made it! All that hard work has paid off. Just about a year ago, I was in your place – ecstatic about getting admitted, frantic about doing research about the schools I had gotten into, and worried about the looming deadline of May 1. As I juggled my college options, […]


March 13, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

Even though Mudd students have incredibly busy schedules, we still have the time to relax, spend time with friends, and take a break. The Ronald and Maxine Linde Activities Center (LAC), has a gym, game room, aerobics room, weight room (with gym equipment free for all students), relacsation room (with a massage chair and library!), lounge area, […]


February 27, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

No lights in our room after sundown for 3 weeks: my roommate, Marissa, and I decided that we would take on the challenge proposed by the 5C Power Down competition. Every year, the 5Cs compete for the Green Cup, the prize for a month of the most water and energy conservation/reduction in consumption.     […]

Professors at Harvey Mudd

February 13, 2015, by Ramita Kondepudi

One of the reasons I chose Harvey Mudd was the unique student-professor interactions. The low student teacher ratio, small class size, and great faculty makes the learning experience smoother and more enjoyable. The professors are always there for us – office hours, problem set questions, late night emails. They genuinely want students to succeed no […]

The Office of Institutional Diversity

December 13, 2014, by Ramita Kondepudi

Harvey Mudd has several offices that correspond with different aspects of student life. The Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) is one of these. A warm space with lots of candy and Deans Sumi and Angelica always ready to talk to you about anything, the OID is very popular among students who just want to hang […]

Augmented Reality Snake: A Hackathon Project

November 25, 2014, by Ramita Kondepudi

A few weeks ago, students from all of the 5 Claremont Colleges came together to participate in a 12 hour hackathon. The first place winners of the Hackathon are two Mudd freshmen – Hamzah Khan and Daniel Johnson! I interviewed them to hear more about their experience with computer science and the Hackathon. Hamzah Khan […]

Introducing Robespierre the Rhino and Timer the Squirrel

November 7, 2014, by Maury Quijada

Meet Robespierre the Rhino and Timer the Squirrel! Robespierre and Timer are two endearing, unofficial mascots that the Office of Admission has adopted in early Spring of 2014 to promote school spirit and display a piece of Harvey Mudd to prospective students. You might be wondering, though: why a rhino and why a squirrel? It turns […]

Being a Proctor through the Eyes of Katie Shepherd

October 7, 2014, by Maury Quijada

One of the unique characteristics about Harvey Mudd College is the way that the College supervises residence life. Throughout the years, Mudd has developed the concept of a Proctor, who is essentially a senior Mudder who lives in a dorm and is primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of the residents in that dorm. Most dorms at Mudd have […]

Teal Dot!

October 2, 2014, by Ramita Kondepudi

The Harvey Mudd community is fairly closely knit; everyone looks after each other. With only 200 students per class, we’re all getting to know each other well. Keeping students equipped with dealing with uncomfortable and dangerous situations is a priority for not only Mudd, but all of the Claremont Colleges. Last September, even before the […]

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