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Visiting Joshua Tree National Park

I love exploring the outdoors, be it through road trips, camping, hiking, or any combination of the three. I recall […]

Staying Active: Swimming at the 5Cs

It’s getting colder in Claremont, but I surprisingly haven’t had any issues keeping up with my Asynchronous Swim Conditioning PE […]

Mudd Traditions- Anya ’23

Mudd has developed plenty of traditions and lore over the years. Prank club has pulled some truly spectacular stunts like […]

Mudd for the Musically Inclined

Many Mudders make music, and there are many outlets for doing so here at HMC. Other blog posts have focused […]

Placement Exams

Looking at Mudd’s core curriculum, you may be wondering why we include some of the classes we do. Calculus, for […]