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Dorm Cultures: Best of Both Worlds!

East, South, and Linde dorms are three moderate dorms on campus, known for their unique events and lifestyle. These dorms offer a balance of social activities and a quieter environment, making them a popular choice for many students. East Dorm Dorm Style East dorm is known for its Gamer L, which is a section of […]

Dorm Cultures: Where’s the Party at?

Here’s a quick post on three of the louder dorms — are you a college student looking for the full blown experience, complete with parties, games, and plenty of group activities? If so, one of these dorms might be perfect for you. Atwood Dorm Style Atwood dorm is a unique and spacious dormitory that offers […]

Dorm Cultures: Time to Relax!

Here at Mudd, each of the dorms has a distinct culture. Here’s a light post on a few of the quieter outer dorms – perfect for a student seeking a more mild and relaxed vibe as they enter college life. Sontag The best dorm (ahem… without bias, of course), Sontag is a quiet outer dorm. […]