Faculty Profile: Assistant Professor of Physics Brian Shuve

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As a former engineering student at Canada’s University of Toronto, a big-city school with more than 61,000 students, you might never have expected Assistant Professor of Physics Brian Shuve to choose Harvey Mudd. Yet, after getting his PhD at Harvard University and working as a research associate at Perimeter Institute, that’s exactly where he ended up. 

His husband had already been working at Scripps for a year, so when a job opening at Mudd came up, Prof. Shuve jumped at the chance to apply. He was excited at the prospect of teaching at a smaller college, allowing him to get to know each of his students individually. 

Ever since he got the job, Prof. Shuve has had his hands full. Now, he’s teaching the frosh class Physics 23: Special Relativity, part of Mudd’s characteristic Core curriculum, as well as teaching seniors Physics 161: Topics in Quantum Theory. Outside of class, he conducts research on particle physics and dark matter, with eight Mudders currently working in his lab. He’s also involved in Women in Physics on campus, taking part in their scheduled hikes around the area. Pre-COVID, he loved socializing at the Hoch, where he could chat casually with students during mealtimes. 

In his free time, Prof. Shuve is no less busy. He has been a part of the Claremont College Choir with a couple other faculty, enjoys cooking Chinese and Indian food (especially with his instant pot), and plays board games with his friends as a pandemic activity. 

Prof. Shuve can’t wait to meet the next class of Mudders. “If you’re always curious to learn more or keep getting lost in Wikipedia rabbit-holes”, he says, “you’d be a perfect fit for Mudd”. He adds that everyone here has their own unique interests, and they can’t wait to share it with you as well!