Meet the Tour Guides: Nandini

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Nandini is originally from Delhi, India but grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When applying to colleges, Nandini was looking for colleges that would cater to her interests in Engineering as well as Economics and Environmental Politics. Her high school counselor recommended Mudd because it checked most of her boxes and is a liberal arts STEM college. After doing some research, Nandini decided that it would be a great fit for her.

Due to the distance and time commitment, Nandini wasn’t able to visit campus before freshman orientation but talking to other Mudders and learning about their experiences made her feel secure in her decision. She really appreciated the community environment at Mudd. The emphasis on community was highlighted for Nadini when Prof. Saeta (a Physics Professor at HMC) offered his home for her to stay in until she moved into her college residence hall. He also offered to take her to the store to purchase bedding and anything else she needed.

One thing that Nandini really likes about the consortium are the 5C clubs, as they help Mudders interact with more than just other Mudders and bond over shared interests. She was very intrigued by the South Asian Student Association Club and went to some of their events. Nandini not only had a great time but also made some really good friends from the other colleges. Because Nandini really liked the events that SASA threw, she joined their board and now helps plan events and gatherings.

Nandini believes that the trust that the faculty have in their students is a special feature of the Mudd experience. The fact that Mudd professors encourage collaboration while doing homework and even administer ‘take home exams’ was one of the things that surprised her most about Mudd. She says, “the professors here trust that you will not use a calculator on a non-calculator exam and that if you accidentally end up doing so will talk to them and take accountability.” The trust that is established between the faculty and the students is really special because it also allows Mudders access to academic buildings and labs after hours. Not only that, but Mudd also has a machine shop that is entirely student run under the guidance of Drew Price and Mudders are able to create and work on personal projects which is really cool and appealing to Nandini as an engineer.