Meet the Senior Interns: Carmen Benitez

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Meet Carmen! Carmen chose Mudd because she loved the people she met when she visited the campus during ASP in the spring (Admitted Students Program). Everyone was so inclusive, friendly and she really felt like she’d found new best friends immediately. Carmen also really liked the computer science program and was interested in the challenge that Mudd would provide her academically. She also really liked the Claremont College Consortium because she was interested in a small school setting but had been worried about the limitations of smaller schools. The 5Cs allowed her to have the experience of a small college with the benefits of a larger institution.

A group of students.

So far, Carmen’s favorite class at Mudd has been Discrete Math. She took it with Prof Benjamin and Prof Martonosi in the spring of her first year and was immediately blown away by the class. “Every theorem we learned was so cool, in that they made sense! It was fascinating to see how each theorem could be proved.” The class really changed how Carmen perceived math and opened up a new door entirely for her. It is actually the class the convinced Carmen to be a Computer Science/Math joint major.

Carmen’s advice for prospective students is to be honest with yourself and really pay attention to how interactions with current students at a school feel. She picked Mudd because the interactions with current students when she visited were so natural and easy. She immediately felt at home. “Remember college isn’t only about what you learn in the classroom but the relationships you’ll build while there!”

Carmen is working as a Senior Intern with the Office of Admission!