Meet the Tour Guides: Becca Blyn

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Meet Becca!

We interviewed Becca Blyn, a current senior, about her decision to attend Harvey Mudd! Becca’s father was a Mudd student in the class of ‘85, so she has been familiar with the college for a while. She visited a few times during high school, but it was during Mudd’s Admitted Student Program (ASP) that she really fell in love after noticing the sense of community that HMC has and meeting her fellow pre-frosh. Becca also stressed the importance of Mudd being an undergraduate-only institution in her final college choice. She was choosing between a large research institution and Mudd’s smaller campus, but decided on Mudd due to the greater availability of undergraduate research opportunities and the ability to connect with professors more directly. Becca additionally wanted to get a strong interdisciplinary STEM and humanities education, which Mudd offers with its Core program and HSA concentration requirements.

Now, Becca is widely involved in various activities on campus. She is a Molecular Biology major concentrating in music, meaning she spends a lot of time at Pomona playing euphonium. She is also one of the co-presidents of the LLC, Harvey Mudd’s Living Learning Community, which is focused on social justice education opportunities for Mudd students. Finally, Becca is a Drinkward Dorm President this year, helping to keep the dorm running and serving on the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) Senate.

Some of Becca’s favorite memories come from mundane interactions with her fellow Drinkward frosh, when they would all gather in the lounge space on the second floor of the dorm to do homework together and relax. She said the community that can be found at Mudd is extremely strong, and that she has made lifelong friends here.

Becca advises prefrosh to try to determine what exactly they want out of their general college experience (note — not saying you need to know your exact major!) so that they can apply to places that will be the perfect fit for them. She knew that she wanted to be broadly educated in STEM while having time to explore interests in music, social justice, and politics, so she was sure Mudd was the right place. She says that talking to current students can help with this, as they will give honest and nuanced answers to any questions that prefrosh may have!

Becca is working as a Tour Guide for the Office of Admission!