Major Mondays: Mathematical and Computational Biology

An interview with Tona Gonzales, senior Mathematical and Computational Biology major. How did you pick your major? Coming into Mudd I was already really into math. And then, also in high school, I kind of got into computational biology. I was always this math kid, then I discovered comp-bio, and then the MCB major seemed […]

Faculty Profile: Assistant Professor of Biology Jae Hur

Professor Jae Hur, an Assistant Professor of Biology at Harvey Mudd, didn’t always know he wanted a career in biology. In fact, he started college as a computer science major! But he was hooked on biology from the moment he realized that no matter how his results turned out, he still loved spending time in […]

Major Monday: Engineering

An interview with Udeema Shakya, senior engineering major! How did you pick your major? I came into Mudd wanting to be an engineering major. I did debate between engineering and computer science initially, but I decided on engineering partially because I liked E79 (Core engineering class) and I enjoy just having more hands-on things to […]

Meet the Social Media Interns: Ana B. Studart

Ana in front of a white and blue sign that reads "Harvey Mudd College"

Hello, prospective Mudders! I hope you are having a great or at least not-that-stressful week as this college application cycle approaches its end (don’t stress- Regular Decision is still months away). I’m Ana B. Studart, I’m currently a freshman at Mudd and an intern of the Office of Admission. I’m from Brazil, more specifically from […]

Major Mondays: Physics

An interview with Chloe Taylor, senior physics major! How did you pick your major? I really liked all of the physics classes I took in the core and also the professors I had. And then, the summer after my freshman year I did research with a physics professor, Prof Eckert, and I really enjoyed that. […]

Meet the Social Media Interns: Laney Goldman

Laney standing on a path through trees

Hi! My name is Laney Goldman, and I am a freshman here at Mudd. I am also a social media intern for the admissions office, and I am primarily responsible for the Harvey Mudd College Admission TikTok account! In my freetime, I love to hike, dance, and of course — waste my life watching TikTok. […]

Meet the Social Interns: Mikayla Mann

Mikayla in front of a blue fence

Hey there! Whether you’re a prospective student, parent, current student, or anywhere in between, I’m happy you’re here. My name is Mikayla Mann, I’m from San Diego, and I’m a current freshman at Harvey Mudd. Frosh don’t have to declare their majors, or even have any idea of what they want to do, but right […]

Major Monday: Joint Math and Physics

Savanah in front of a diagram of a molecule.

An interview with Savanah Diaz, senior joint Math-Physics major! How did you pick your major? I actually came to the Mudd thinking I wanted to do the Joint Chem-Bio major, but I took advantage of the Core by paying attention to each course in every field. I realized that I really enjoyed my math and […]

Dorm Meetings: Drinkward Scavenger Hunt

Five students next to a plaque that reads "Drinkward Residence Hall"

Throughout the semester, residence halls will hold dorm meetings to discuss different things going on in the dorm. The first meeting is generally to assign different roles (like dorm jocks, who are in charge of organizing intramural sports, or food representatives, who meet weekly with dining hall staff) and get to know each other. I […]