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My Life as an Engineering Junior

February 26, 2017, by Bailey Meyer

The engineering life is busy. Between classes, clinic, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find some time to just take a break. But even though I have been really busy this semester while living the engineering lifestyle (going to sleep late, spending all of my time in Parsons), I have been really enjoying […]

On The Way Out

February 21, 2017, by Izzy Jones

Hey guys! Sorry I’m getting this to you a bit later than normal. This week, I sat down with some seniors, to get an idea of what’s it’s like to be on your way out, and to get some unique perspectives from people who have been through the whole process here at Mudd. I interviewed […]

Popping the Mudd Bubble

February 14, 2017, by Ramita Kondepudi

Mudders joke that we too often get stuck in the “Mudd bubble,” so engrossed in school work that we don’t ever leave campus. Even though we’re so close to the other four Claremont Colleges, you’ll find students complaining about 15 minute walks (in beautiful, 70 degree, SoCal weather) to classes at Pomona. Since sophomore year, […]

Spring Semester Activities

February 11, 2017, by Bailey Meyer

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to schedule fun events at Mudd between classes, meetings, Clinic, and more. However, there are many optional activities to participate in every semester, both on- and off-campus. In the few short weeks that we have been back from winter break, I and other Mudders have gone […]

The Office of Institutional Diversity

February 5, 2017, by Izzy Jones

Hi guys, Izzy here back from a long break! Hopefully this is a short post, but literally every time I say that it’s not, so? We’ll see. Today I wanted to talk just a little bit about Harvey Mudd’s Office of Institutional Diversity (OID)! OID is a really amazing part of the administration of the […]

96 Hours of “Dam-Good” Problem Solving

February 4, 2017, by Calvin Leung

Every year, Harvey Mudd participates in the MCM/ICM, the Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. The MCM/ICM is like a nationwide hack-a-thon but with real-world technical problems that require mathematical modeling. In teams of three, students select and work on a difficult real-world problem for 96 hours. The six problems to choose from are […]

Spring 2017!

January 30, 2017, by Ramita Kondepudi

Mudders are back! While the problem set and midterm routine continues for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, freshmen will be embarking on their first, real, graded semester at Mudd. This semester of core for freshmen includes two math classes: linear algebra and differential equations, physics: Mechanics and Wave Motion, half-semester of chemistry, Critical Inquiry HSA10, Intro […]

Dickens, Hardy, and the Victorian Age

January 27, 2017, by Bailey Meyer

Well, most of January has flown by, which means winter break is over and the spring semester has begun. Normally, I spend the majority of my winter break at home relaxing after the fall semester. However, during the fall, I took a class called Dickens, Hardy, and the Victorian Age, which has a travel component […]

Application FAQs… No need to panic

December 20, 2016, by Raissa

Applying to college is a lot of work. At times you may completely forget to ask a question or question what you remember. Below are some FAQs and a few words of advice. If you have a question, the answer is probably below. Please keep in mind that our office will close for winter break at […]

To Our Early Decision Applicants

December 15, 2016, by Thyra

To Our Early Decision Applicants, This evening we’ll be releasing our ED1 decisions.  We first want to thank all of you who applied for taking the time and care to apply to Harvey Mudd.  We saw in your applications how carefully you thought about what it was in the HMC community that led you to […]

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