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Moving Mudders

June 22, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

This week summer intern Charlee ’18, writes about how Mudders get around. Enjoy!   One benefit of living on a small campus is that it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. Yet by population, Mudders still use more modes of transportation than any other college in the Claremont Colleges Consortium! Whether it’s to get to […]

What you don’t see on a tour II: Mudd’s nooks and crannies

June 19, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

This week Lin brings you the second installment of her blog series, “What you don’t see on a tour”. Enjoy! If you attend a campus tour, you’ll likely see some of the high-traffic areas of campus: the Shanahan center (classrooms with big white tables and teal rolling chairs), the Engineering Clinic rooms in Parsons (exhibit […]

Diversity Clubs Changing Just in Time

June 16, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

Hello dear readers, This week one of our summer interns, Leonardo Huerta, brings you a blog about the various diversity oriented clubs and support found at HMC. Enjoy! This past year, Harvey Mudd College has seen a growth in clubs who focus on helping underrepresented groups on campus. The 2014-2015 school year has seen the […]

A Visit to the Village

June 12, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

This week Kaitlin gives you up to the minute (quite literally) information on her journey from HMC to the Claremont Village. Hi again! Hope everyone’s enjoying their summers! Today I wanted to show you a trip down to the village (specifically, the library). I know that on my tours, I always talk about how the […]

What you don’t see on a tour: Mudders playing games

June 5, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

Our most recent blog post is brought to you by senior intern, Lin Yang. Without further ado, here she is: My name is Lin, and I’m a senior intern here at the admissions office. I was born in China, but went to high school in Davis, CA. I’ll be finishing up my last year at […]

Tip of the Month: Planning those summer visits to colleges…

June 3, 2015, by Peter

I am often asked to identify the best time to visit a college. There are two answers to this question. The first answer is to see the campus when everything is in its usual flow because this allows the guest to visit classes, to see people interacting, to stop someone in the dining hall, dorm, […]

Summer at HMC

May 29, 2015, by Misa Kabashima

The blog’s been a little quiet lately since our seniors graduated earlier this month. Luckily, with the arrival of summer, some Mudders are back on campus. Kaitlin is a rising senior working in our office and she’ll be guest blogging throughout the summer. Here’s Kaitlin and her first blog post: Hello everyone! My name’s Kaitlin […]

Tying Up the Loose Ends

May 5, 2015, by Emma

Much like Calvin, I find myself at the end of the year with a huge assortment of photos. (This is inspired by his most recent blog post here.) Make no mistake, Mudd can be difficult and stressful at times. It’s not all fun and games. However, I find that some of my best memories are made […]

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