What vegetable are you? A question for my friends

One thing that I have been wanting to know, perhaps since I visited Mudd for ASP in April 2016, is what kind of vegetable Mudders are. Is there a trend? Are Mudders mostly leafy greens or squash? Peppers? I don’t know. But I desperately need to find out. I decided to go around and ask […]

Exploring LA: Frozen the Musical

I am what some people call “interested in” and others call “overly obsessed with” theater, especially musical theater. The fact that LA gets so many touring Broadway productions can only be described as my dream come true. In addition, CAP, or the Committee for Activities Planning, will subsidize the tickets so you can get them […]

Exploring Claremont: The Farmers and Artisans Market

There are a lot of fun things to do on Mudd’s campus, but sometimes it’s nice to leave for a little bit and see some different scenery. There are lots of options to take a quick break just a short walk away in Claremont! My personal favorite is the Farmers and Artisans Market held every […]

My Favorite YouTube Channels – Part 2: Art Analysis!

Hi Friends! Mason here, continuing my series on my favorite YouTube Channels. My previous post was about my favorite STEM channels, and this one is about channels that produce ‘video essays’, in which they analyze… stuff! These videos can cover all kinds of topics, but most of what I watch discusses movies and TV shows. […]

My Favorite YouTube Channels – Part 1: STEM Content!

Hello Friends, I’m 20, and YouTube has been around since I was 5. I’ve had a lot of exposure to YouTube (and the internet more broadly, but that’s a conversation for another day) in that time. Today, as I was trying to think about what to write about, I realized that I’m subscribed to a […]

Core at Mudd: Chem 23

For the first semester and a half at Mudd, frosh (Mudd freshmen) take Chem 23A and Chem 23B– “Chemistry in the Modern World.” It’s an introductory chemistry course that builds off of modules focused on the ways that chemistry affects societal issues. Each module aims to show how the methods of chemistry can be applied […]

Hair Hair! Experimenting in College

Hello Internet, Joaquín hair! Today, I’m talking about one of my recent obsessions: my hair! Allow me to walk you down memory lane… For much of my life, I’ve considered my hair as a non-essential component of my person. My mom would cut my hair whenever it got too long for my preference, but I […]

The Writing Center (and what it means to me)

Hot take: the writing center is one of the best places on campus (excluding dorms). It is the perfect environment to do work, study, staple things, hang out before class, take naps, have phone calls or Skype interviews, get help with your writing, eat snacks… what I am trying to say is that the writing […]

Harvey Mudd’s Response to COVID-19

Recently, President Maria Klawe released a message to the Harvey Mudd Community, updating the college’s response to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. As an office, we have been watching the national response and recommendations and have made decisions regarding our visitation policies and upcoming programming. Effective Tuesday, March 10th, we will be cancelling all campus visits […]

Regular Decision Release

We are releasing admission decisions for our Regular Decision applicants this Friday, March 13 at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. You will receive your application decision in the Hub. To make sure that you are able to access your decision on Friday at 6:00 PM PDT, please try logging into the HMC Applicant Hub by […]