To students affected by natural disasters

To the prospective students affected by natural disasters this fall, we first want to offer you all of our best wishes from our office and from Harvey Mudd College. We understand the challenges of recovering from natural disasters, and hope that you are able to prioritize the health and well-being of yourself, your family, and […]

Tip of the Month: It’s Financial Aid Time!

As you prepare to submit your admission applications, don’t forget to apply for financial aid! Need-Based Aid Forms to Complete The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used by U. S. colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for federal student financial aid. The FAFSA became available this year on October 1st. You […]

Good Vibes Only Festival: TeaMarr, Klassy, maryjessie, and more!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Harvey Mudd College had a music festival called the Good Vibes Only Festival. The entire festival was put together by students, and it served to not only bring some awesome artists to campus, but also to celebrate Black women and women of color in hip hop and r&b. This was the […]

Religion at Mudd: The McAlister Center

During my college search, I heard a lot about ‘fit’: the idea that the personality of a college might match mine. It was usually used to describe student life. Well, student life can mean a lot of different things. As a practicing Catholic, one of the things that I personally looked for was an active […]

Application FAQs

Applying to college is a lot of work. At times you may completely forget to ask a question or question what you remember. Below are some FAQs and a few words of advice. If you have a question, the answer is probably below. Please keep in mind that our office will close for winter break at […]

Harvey Mudd: Far From Home

Hello Internet, Joaquín here. I’m from Poway, California, which is about a two hour drive south from Mudd. Last semester, I drove back home three times to go see my family. I would go on a Friday night, spend the entire weekend there, and drive back up Sunday afternoon. I actually went back once this […]

(Some Of) My Favorite Ideas in STEM

Hi all, it’s Mason with another blog post! (Do I need to keep saying that? Who knows! I don’t) This is basically a post where I nerd out and just explain some really interesting things! I hope you enjoy! Math Integration This is really cool idea that I first saw in Calculus, but it’s probably […]

Attending Moth Shows: Am I an Adult Yet?

The summer after my freshman year (2017), my friends and I started to attend storytelling events in LA called Moth Story Slams. Since then, I have probably attended at least 10 shows, and they are still one of my favorite off-campus activities. During these shows, there are ten people chosen randomly (you can put your […]

Registering for My Last Semester

I am almost to the end of my college career, but I first have to register for classes. Registration is honestly kind of a fun time — everybody knows that searching for courses is the best procrastination tool. It is super fun to look for neat classes and choose courses that fit your ideal schedule. […]

DSA Muchachos Part 2

My last post on the DSA Muchachos focused on their one time events (highlights included cookies!). This one will look at their repeated events, many of which are highly anticipated on campus. There are a lot of these events, especially annual ones. For example, the Haunted Hoch (an annual haunted house near the Hoch-Shanahan dining […]