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Hyperlooping with SpaceX

February 10, 2016, by Ramita Kondepudi

SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition is the kind of thing I expect to hear about on the news or read an online article or two about, so it’s surreal that I get to talk to my peers about their involvement in building a fifth mode of transportation. Last year, 8 Mudders teamed up with engineering professors Orwin […]

Sophomore Retreat 2016

February 5, 2016, by Bailey Meyer

Your sophomore year at Mudd can be very challenging. You are no longer a frosh on pass/fail, but you also are not an upperclassmen who is closer to graduation than orientation. In the fall semester you are finishing the core, which includes Stems and E&M, while in the spring semester, the majority of your classes […]

Looking Forward

February 2, 2016, by Charlee Van Eijk

Hello world! In the dead of California “winter” (mid-sixties and sunny- real jacket weather) students at Harvey Mudd are already thinking about the distant wonderland that is summer. Mudders aren’t just daydreaming about beaches and Star Trek Beyond (coming out in July!), they’re seeking out opportunities to further their academic and professional careers. For many […]

Liberal Arts at Harvey Mudd

January 29, 2016, by Izzy Jones

Hey people! It’s great to get back to school, and back to writing blogs. So here it at Mudd, Freshmen in their second semester have to take HSA 10, one of the two writing courses required for students as part of the core. There are a number of different HSA 10 courses to choose from, […]

Welcome back to SP2016!

January 27, 2016, by Ramita Kondepudi

Second semester sophomores have Mudd life a little different from their first three semesters here. While we initially take a majority of required core classes with the rest of our year, second semester sophomores switch gears to take a set of courses almost exclusive to their majors and HSA (Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts) […]

Does your family speak Spanish? Because mine does…

January 5, 2016, by Maureen

Hi, everyone! You already know (at least you would if you had read the little bio below my picture on the right) that I graduated from Harvey Mudd in 2010. What I haven’t shared with you is that I didn’t grow up in the United States, but actually all over Latin America (the Dominican Republic, […]

Application FAQs… No need to panic

December 15, 2015, by Raissa

Applying to college is a lot of work. At times you may completely forget to ask a question or question what you remember. Below are some FAQs and a few words of advice. If you have a question, the answer is probably below. Please keep in mind that our office will close for winter break at […]

Office of Admission and Financial Aid Winter Break

December 15, 2015, by Jamilla

The HMC Office of Admission and Financial Aid will close for winter break at 5 pm (PST) on December 23rd. We will open at 8 am (PST) on January 4th. During our winter break we will not be able to respond to phone messages. Emails to will be answered 3-5 days after we receive them. After […]

Black Lives and Allies at Mudd

December 13, 2015, by Izzy Jones

Hi again guys! Izzy here. Sorry to say that this is going to be a very wordy post! But it’s got some important content, so you should read it. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about one of Harvey Mudd’s student organizations BLAM. BLAM is a fairly new group created so that African […]

Attention prospective applicants for Fall 2017

December 11, 2015, by Jason

Beginning with applicants for Fall 2017, Harvey Mudd College will not require that students submit results for the optional essay section of the new SAT, and nor will we require that students submit the ACT with writing results. We will continue to require either the SAT or the ACT as well as 2 subject tests, […]

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