Tip of the Month: Planning those summer visits to colleges…

June 1, 2019

I am often asked to identify the best time to visit a college. There are two answers to this question. The first answer is to see the campus when everything is in its usual flow because this allows the guest to visit classes, to see people interacting, to stop someone in the dining hall, dorm, […]

My Semester in Review, Part II

May 22, 2019

WoaaaAahhh, I’m halfway there. This week marks my last week as an underclassman. With two years down and only two to go, I’ve decided to make an iteration of the post I shared at the end of last semester. Here’s my second sophomore semester in review: Right before school started, one of my best friends […]

Interviews with Mudd Frosh

May 9, 2019

Hello! It’s Mason again with another blog post! This week, I decided to email the HMC freshman class and ask if any of them would be interested in sitting down for an interview about their experience at Mudd so far. A handful of students responded to my email; so I asked each of them five […]

[Y HMC?] with Professor Breznay

April 30, 2019

Today is the last day of April and the final day to accept admissions to most colleges, marking the perfect ending for our series [Y HMC?]. We began this series with Professor Dato and since then have heard from Mudders of various majors, classes, interests, and with their own personal reasons for [Y] they chose […]

HSA 10, my mom, and memes??

April 29, 2019

Hello! It’s Mason again with another blog post! Some of you are probably familiar with the HSA requirement at Mudd. Basically, we’re required to take a breadth of Humanities, Social sciences, and Arts classes, and then specialize in one HSA field for our concentration. While you have a lot of freedom and options with how […]

[Y HMC?] with Althea Hansel

April 25, 2019

As Althea is wrapping up her time at Mudd, we asked her to think back on the time when Harvey Mudd wasn’t yet her school. She shares with us that her dad was the first to tell her about Mudd her freshman year of high school. He had seen promotional materials about HMC when he […]

ASP 2019: Recap

April 24, 2019

Over the weekend of April 7th and 8th, HMC had its Admitted Students Program (ASP). More than 250 prospective students (and more than 300 family members) visited campus. The student program provides prospective students the opportunity to stay overnight with a current Mudder, attend Mudd lectures, meet other prospective students, and get a feel for […]

[Y HMC?] with William La

April 23, 2019

We asked frosh William La, “Why Harvey Mudd?” and he answered, sharing with us his personal decision process. William is from San Diego, California and was invited to a conference for low-income students held at Pomona College his junior year of high school. William learned about the Claremont Consortium then and recalls that Harvey Mudd […]

[Y HMC?] with Katie Gruenhagen

April 18, 2019

Today we’re asking Katie Gruenhagen the question of the month, why Harvey Mudd? Katie fills a lot of roles across campus including, but not limited to: Sontag dorm proctor, Pomona Jazz band drummer, member of the DUCK! (Mudd’s improv group), HMC tour guide, grutor (grader-tutor), budding software engineer, and Mudder. Katie is from Clovis, California […]