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Tip of the Month: College Decisions

Hello Seniors! Congratulations on making it this far. By now, some of you may have decisions (HMC will be getting back to you soon!) Let’s recap what you have done to get here: Created a list of colleges Explored websites, researched, etc. of said colleges Wrote essays Wrote more essays Some stuff in between Clicked […]

Prioritizing Fit… and what that actually means

A good college for you will meet (or fit) your academic, social, environmental, and financial needs. This might be a little far fetched, but you can think of this in the terms of buying a new shirt: Academic Fit: Do I like the material this shirt is made of?  Do I know other people who […]

Tip of the Month: Financial Aid

As you prepare to submit your admission applications, don’t forget to apply for financial aid! Need-Based Aid Forms to Complete The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used by U. S. colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for federal student financial aid. The FAFSA became available this year on October 1st. You and your […]

Tip of the Month: Reducing Some Extra Worries about Extracurriculars

As admission counselors, we get a lot questions about extracurriculars and tackling listing activities in the college application.  I’d like to tackle five recent questions I have discussed with students in the hope that their answers will provide some comfort and/or clarification for you! What kind of content should be included in the Activities section […]

Tip of the Month: Constructing a College List

With so many choices – over 4,000, if you’re counting – coming up with a list of colleges to apply to, can be overwhelming. Add to that the sheer volume of information and advice flooding your brains and inboxes, and well, let’s just stop. The point is, where do you begin? How many schools should […]