Rain, Snow, Sleet, and Hail

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The Mudd community cares deeply about climate change. We have two Core classes that revolve around the topic, a sustainability club, speakers that come in to talk about it, and much more. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little grateful for the rain and snow that it brought to Claremont this semester.

Coming from Bangalore, where it rains far more than it’s supposed to in Southern California, I definitely found myself missing the wet weather. I’ve accumulated so many photos of the Claremont Colleges in the rain just because I used to go outdoors and explore the campus the minute I saw raindrops starting to fall. Partly because of this, I’ve been able to figure out places to avoid when it rains and buildings to seek shelter in the true West Coast fashion (steer clear of the LAC as far as possible!).

A road wet from rain with trees on either side and red car headlights in the distance

Nighttime rain at Mudd. Photo credit: Aanya Pratapneni

The highlight of this semester so far for most people I know has been the times it snowed on campus! Although it didn’t stick around for long, Mudd saw snow twice this year, drawing students away from whatever they were doing without fail both times. Based on the groups of students that quickly start to accumulate outside, one might think that most students here had never seen snow before… and they would probably be right.

A cloudy sky above trees without leaves and white snow falling

SnowCal! Photo credit: Aanya Pratapneni

The Claremont snow probably doesn’t feel the same as an East Coast winter might, but I can’t say that it didn’t feel magical in its own way! I’m still hoping to have the whole snowman and snow angels experience one day, but for now I can settle for just recommending that people bring an umbrella to campus despite what everyone says about Southern California weather.

This blog was written by Aanya Pratapneni '26. Intended major: Computer Science. Bangladore, India