Things that Bring Mudders Joy: Part 1

There’s a lot of reasons that people choose to go to Mudd; things like the small size, opportunities for research, and the Claremont Consortium are usually among the top reasons that people decide to come here. While these are definitely great factors to consider when making a decision, there are a lot of other things that I think are more central to the day-to-day lives of Mudders. I think some of the minor events and activities that we get to participate in are an equally important aspect of our experiences, so I thought I’d make a list of some of them:

Christmas lights at Drinkward

A courtyard with lights strung across a large tree and the railings of a dorm in the background

Christmas lights at Drinkward. Photo Credit: Aanya Pratapneni

Towards the end of fall semester, Drinkwardigans (residents of Drinkward dorm) put up Christmas lights across the courtyard which still haven’t been taken down. Christmas is long gone, but the lit up courtyard every night is always a pretty sight.

Hot beverages from the DSA office

There’s a lot of really fun coffee-related events in the Division of Student Affairs office, ranging from regular Cafe Days to offerings of hot drinks from across the world. I love that DSA beverages aren’t limited to coffee… I’ve had the apple cider and herbal teas once or twice and really liked them!

Pumpkin Top Golf

The DSA Muchachos hosted a small Halloween top golf competition with snacks and a wide range of pumpkins to whack. There was also a Gingerbread House Battle later in the year that sounded really cool! Muchachos events are always a creative and almost endless source of fun.

Hoch Chocolate

A drinks machine with buttons and labels for coffee and hot chocolate

The Hoch coffee machine. Photo Credit: Aanya Pratapneni

Warm drinks are clearly a large source of joy for me at Mudd. I’ve sampled over 5 different hot chocolates available across the 5Cs and can confidently say that the Hoch hot chocolate (or Hoch Chocolate) is superior. Bonus points to the Hoch for also apparently having the best soft serve in the consortium!

This blog was written by: Aanya Pratapneni '26. Intended major: Computer science. Bangalore, India.