Mudders See the Hollywood Sign

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Welcome Future Mudders!

About a year ago, I too was deciding where to attend college. I had several schools narrowed down, and was weighing the pros and cons of each. By no means did I choose Mudd because of the location, however, I can’t say the location hasn’t been a huge perk. 

A few days ago I had to run some errands that were a little ways from campus. So, I decided to bring a friend along and make an afternoon of it! After completing all of my boring adulting errands, my friend Elena and I took a detour and found ourselves at the Hollywood sign! 

As two southern/midwesterners neither of us had ever seen “the sign”. It was a little bit harder to find than we first anticipated, but we made it… and the views were gorgeous. 

Trees and mountain view
The view looking back west towards Mt. Baldy. Photo Credit: Audrey Thiessen
Sunset with trees sillouetted
The sunset looking out towards the Pacific. Photo credit: Audrey Thiessen

The sign itself is kind of cool but Griffith Park at sunset, in a year with so much rain was incredible. We decided to view the sign from the Observatory. Little did either of us realize, but from the hillside and the observatory you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

trees and view toward lowland cities
The view from our picnic spot. Photo credit: Audrey Thiessen

Thanks to a little planning ahead (and a trip to Trader Joe’s), we had a picnic packed. Eating dinner outside in nature with such a great view was very refreshing. Sometimes you just need a break from campus life. Fortunately there are many other amazing spots (many of which are closer to campus) where students can take a break from their day to day on campus lives. 

Two students
Enjoying the picnic! Photo credit: Audrey Thiessen
The blog was written by Audrey Thiessen '26. Intended major: Chemistry. Oklahoma City, OK