Y HMC: Miski

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Hello! My name is Miski (she/her) and I am a freshman at Harvey Mudd College from Lima, Peru. I am considering majoring in Physics, although I am also interested in possibly pursuing Chemistry or Computer Science. Thankfully, the Core Curriculum allows me to explore all of these interests so that I will be able to make a more informed decision when I declare my major at the end of sophomore year. Halfway through my first year here, I am happy to say that I have made the right decision in choosing to attend Harvey Mudd. I’d like to share the aspects of this college that make it such a wonderful place for me. 

I first heard about Harvey Mudd after a talk by one of our math professors: Prof. Francis Su. I recall him describing how students would always work in groups, solving problems and studying together. This emphasis in collaboration made me initially interested in the college. My experience here so far has confirmed this. In our first year, all of the students share similar classes, so we are able to work together across the class because we all view the same content. Although the workload is hard, I have always felt supported by the community here. I can ask for help from friends, classmates, grutors, upperclassmen, or professors, and they are all willing and happy to help. 

Group of students sitting together on a picnic blanket.

Working on homework together in the lawn. Photo credit: Miski Nopo

The sense of community here extends beyond academics. Students from across the five Claremont Colleges (5C’s) regularly organize hikes and camping trips to explore the surrounding area. Last semester, I was able to join a student camping trip to Death Valley National Park. Although I was initially nervous to spend three days camping with new people, they were all extremely friendly and welcoming. Similarly to how there is a community of students interested in the outdoors within the 5C’s, there are other clubs and organizations centered around varied interests and aspects of identity such that everyone is able to find like-minded people. 

Group of students posing on a rock

Visiting Badwater basin in Death Valley National Park. Photo Credt: Miski Nopo

One of the main aspects that led me to choose Mudd was my impression of its community as welcoming and collaborative. Now that I have settled into my life here, the wonderful community both within Harvey Mudd and the 5Cs has helped me feel accepted and supported in my new second home.

This blog was written by Miski Nopo '26. Intended major: Lima, Peru