Mudders Migrating: Downtown LA

Now, I know we Mudders talk a lot about homework and studying. That might be your jam, and that’s perfectly fine! But if you’re looking for inspiration on places to travel outside Mudd, look no further!

Over the course of my freshman year (which is wrapping up soon 🙁 ) my friends and I have traveled to quite a few places, including the village, Hollywood, and downtown LA. Today I’ll focus on my trips to LA and recommend the most fun (and delicious) places we’ve visited within it!

First of all, getting to downtown LA is a lot easier than you think. The train station is about a 20 minute walk south of Mudd, and it’s super quick to buy a ticket once you’re there. We took the train to Union Station, which is a gorgeous ride. My favorite thing to do is listen to music and look out the window (yes, maybe it makes me feel like the main character in a movie). Union Station itself is breathtaking! My friend Rohan’s favorite thing to do is play the piano in the cavernous hall. We’ve even gotten a few strangers show up and sing along to his songs.

Large hallway with artistic tiled floor

Welcome to Union Station! [Photo credit: Mikayla Mann]

Now for some recaps of food! We’ve been to Grand Central Market and tried places including Eggslut and McConnell’s ice cream, both of which were very tasty. I’d definitely go back and try them again!

My delicious egg sandwich! [Photo credit: Mikayla Mann]

After stuffing ourselves to the brim, we of course had to take a walk around and explore the city. 

The towering buildings of downtown LA, featuring my friends! [Photo credit: Mikayla Mann]

We’ve visited quite a few different places in downtown LA. Two of my favorites are Little Tokyo and The Last Bookstore. Little Tokyo has scrumptious food everywhere you look (if you don’t feel full enough already!) We tried ramen and takoyaki, both of which were amazing.

Sign reading "Daikokuya Original Noodle and Rice Bowl"

The ramen place we tried and loved. [Photo credit: Tiger Che]

It’s safe to say we were extremely stuffed after eating this amazing food! [Photo credit: Mikayla Mann]

Don’t forget to save some room for dessert too! We shared boba and SomiSomi, the latter of which had nutella and cookies & cream ice cream.

I almost felt bad eating the fish; it was so cute! [Photo credit: Rohan Subramanian]

In addition to the food, Little Tokyo is a super cute place to explore and shop in general.

I loved the paper lanterns strung across the stores. [Photo credit: Mikayla Mann]

And finally, if you’re any sort of a bookworm (like me and a LOT of my friends), you’ll absolutely love The Last Bookstore! The bottom floor is a normal bookstore, but if you climb the stairs to the second floor, you’ll find amazing book “art” and sculptures, including a book arch and flocks of novels that look like birds flying. You can spend hours browsing and exploring the jaw-dropping scenery.

If you need a break from studies, textbooks, and tests, I’ve found that spending a day down in LA is the perfect remedy. It’s full of refreshing scenery, tasty treats, and amazing places to explore!