A Mile From Mudd

Harvey Mudd’s pretty small, so there’s no doubt you’ll be getting off campus. But what if you don’t feel like renting an Uber or getting in a car? Or what if you’re too lazy to walk even two miles? Don’t fret! Mudd has plenty of “attractions” less than a mile away—enough to satisfy your occasional off-campus wants and needs.

Need to go grocery shopping? Visit your neighborhood Trader Joe’s! Cheap and diverse, the options at Trader Joe’s are virtually endless when it comes to college students’ diets. Whether it’s unique cultural snacks or typical grocery staples, Trader Joe’s has it all. And it’s convenient, too. It’s located 0.9 miles west on Foothill Blvd; in other words, a straight line to the left. The road is straight and smooth as well, so it’s perfect for skating and biking (or people that get lost easily). Since so many Mudders are on the 8 meal plan and need to shop, you’ll find plenty of peers to go with as well—a leisurely Trader Joe’s excursion!

A sunset over a road

The view on the long, straight walk to Trader Joes! Photo credit: Serena Mao

Having dinner out? Need something to do afterwards? Check out the Claremont Village! On the southwest corner of Pomona, about a mile from Mudd, there’s a couple of blocks that 5Cers know as the Village. There are plenty of restaurants in this concentrated area, whether it’s casual American brunch at a cafe or fancy Italian cuisine. Then, after you’re stuffed yourself (almost) to the brim, you can head on over to the local ice cream shop or dessert bakery to finish off your meal. If you’re not feeling hungry, there’s some shopping to be done! Come on Sunday, and there’s a full blown farmers market to shop for the week’s groceries or just local artisans’ crafts. Thrift shops also dot the Village, if you like browsing vintage clothes. 

Love animals? Priceless Pets is just across Foothill Blvd, a whopping 5 minute walk from campus. The Mudders Make a Difference Club at Mudd offers plenty of opportunities to volunteer there, usually involving weekend dog-walking sessions. Their events are highly relaxing after a long week of work—I mean, who can say no to petting dogs and cats for a good cause? You can even volunteer at Priceless Pets on your own time occasionally, or sign up to volunteer there regularly. 

Petting a cat at Priceless Pets! Photo credit: Serena Mao

I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what’s available near Mudd: there are other thrift stores, a botanical garden, a coffee shop, and plenty more to explore. Regardless of what mood you’re in, you’ll be sure to have something that can satisfy your wants just a short stroll away—specifically, a mile from Mudd!