Club Highlight: Spectrum Yearbook

Hello, prospective Mudders!

For most Mudders, extracurricular activities are still a good part of our busy routines, with students having access to a large range of clubs. From sportive and political clubs to the Chocolate Society (one of my favorites), there are about 50 Mudd-only clubs and more than 200 clubs from the Claremont Colleges Consortium. 

Today, we are highlighting Spectrum Yearbook: a great match for Mudders who are interested in writing, design, or photography.   

A group of students around a table, looking at books

Spectrum Yearbook’s Meeting at Parsons. Photo: Lilly Lee

Spectrum was created by its co-presidents Lilly Lee and Kayleah Tsai ‘24 in the Fall of 2020, and it currently counts 11 other members. The club’s mission is to create and produce a yearbook for the entire school in order to capture the memories and events that occur every year

Kaitlynn Gray ‘25, member of the Spectrum Yearbook (and roomie <3), agreed to share a bit of her experience in the club.

Why did you join the Spectrum Yearbook? 

I was in the yearbook club during high school, and the Spectrum Yearbook was one of the nicest opportunities to keep doing graphic design here at Mudd. I also found it really cool how Lilly and Kayleah re-founded the yearbook here after many years without new editions, and I wanted to be part of it. 

Do you need to have previous experience to join Spectrum?

You don’t need to have any experience. We have positions for anyone. Photographers, designers, writers, email senders…everybody can join! There is a spectrum of opportunities 😉

What is your position in the club?

I focus on designing. I designed the cover for this year’s yearbook, but I mostly worked on the dorm spreads. I featured the dorms by using photos/quotes from fellow Mudders to talk about each dorm’s culture. 

How are the club’s meetings?

We meet once a week after classes. Sometimes we have events, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We watched Ant-Man and ate pumpkin bread once while working on spreads. It’s nice to have these moments to get to know the other members.

What would you say to someone that is considering joining Spectrum?

It’s a good way to find a place for you at Mudd and make friends. If you want a structured way to pursue design, writing, or photography in your free time, I believe that Spectrum offers that. Also, you get to make something that would be in Mudd’s memory forever and ever and ever!

A group of students sitting together

Spectrum’s team. Photo: Lilly Lee

As a Mudder, you will have the opportunity to get to know and join Spectrum and many other clubs at the club fairs at the beginning of the semester or during the school year through the several informational emails we receive.