Parent to Parent: Why Mudd?

[Note: This post was originally published on April 17, 2020 and has been updated for the 2022 application process.]

Dr. Beverly Yates similing with her husband

Beverly Yates and John Gonzalez, P23, at Family Weekend in February 2020

As the parent of a Mudd junior, I remember my son’s delight when he read the email saying he was accepted to HMC! He was ecstatic, jumping up and down about his acceptance. His reaction was a joy to watch. After all the work, stress, sacrifice and focus to take challenging math and STEM classes in high school, and navigate the college admissions process, he was now on the other side of it. I can still hear his whoops of delight!

As a mother, I could see and feel my son on this campus, with the other students, the faculty and staff, finding his place and doing the work it would take to graduate from this college. The mission and vision of the school are what is needed in today’s changing world.

HMC creates career paths for future scholars, researchers, scientists, and technologists who can grapple with complex topics, clearly express impacts and outcomes, along with the implications of their work in the lives of real (not just theoretical) people. Wow! There is such a need for this and in the foreseeable future.

Harvey Mudd College has the Honor Code, which says a lot about how ethics and integrity are hard-wired into the student culture here. Our son really likes this about HMC, and has mentioned the Honor Code a number of times. I feel like the foundation we built at home, of doing your own work and treating others with respect will be supported as he continues to grow into adulthood and beyond. We as a family are glad our son is a student here at Mudd.

— Dr. Beverly Yates