[Y HMC?] with Diana Contreras

Not everyone has a similar path upon choosing a college, and when asking junior Diana Contreras “Why Harvey Mudd?” she shared with us her personal experience. Diana is from Ontario, California and as such has been near Claremont her whole life. She joined the Scripps College Academy her freshman year of high school, where she then discovered Harvey Mudd College. Diana fell in love with both Scripps College and Harvey Mudd College, and realizing she could have the best of both worlds, she committed to Scripps College as a 3-2 Engineering major, joining Harvey Mudd in 2021 to finish out her second degree.

At HMC, Diana has found an immense community, choosing Harvey Mudd for its collaborative environment and welcoming friendship. She knew Mudd would be a good fit for her when she saw all the available internship and research opportunities, the vast course offerings, and the incredible dining options. You can often find Diana working in the De Pietro Lab, grabbing a
quick bite to eat and enjoying it at Shan’s rooftop garden, or walking her dog, Pansas, across the 7Cs.

Diana tells prospective applicants to trust the application process. When looking at colleges, choose the ones that speak to you and have values that align with yours. Seek community.
Seek academic enlightenment and development. Seek an environment you can see yourself growing in. And once you find that, trust that if you’re a good fit, the admission counselors will
see that. Never be discouraged by a rejection, but rather see it as an opportunity to find a college that is a better fit.