12 Things Mudders are Celebrating!

To help prospective students get an idea of what Mudd culture is like, the bloggers asked Mudd students some questions. This month is December, a month for celebrating both holidays and the semester’s end, so on this 12th day of the 12th month, here’s what 12 Mudders are celebrating!

One big theme for this month is Mudders celebrating the successful completion of the semester. Michelle ’23 is celebrating the end of the semester and is excited for the start of winter break. Amber ’24 is celebrating surviving her first semester of online Mudd. Anonymous ’23 is celebrating passing Physics 51 (sophomore core physics), getting a PERM approved for a class he really wanted, and now having time to do all the things he didn’t have time to do during the semester. Similarly, Justin ’23 is celebrating finishing core.

In a similar vein, the end of the semester means more time to spend with your loved ones, whom Mudders are also celebrating. Danica ’23 is celebrating finishing the semester strong with her dog (@kodakthedoggie). Anonymous ’23 is celebrating his friends, with whom he’s forming a pod next semester, allowing him to form more connections and memories. Similarly, Andrea ’21 is celebrating her pod of Mudders, with whom she’s stayed close even during a time of social distancing. Finally, Malia ’23 is celebrating spending more time with her family now that the semester is over.

Even in uncertain times, Mudders like Andrea and her pod are celebrating each others’ presences. PC – Andrea Zavala ’21

There’s also a number of holidays to celebrate this month. Katheryn ’23 is celebrating her birthday (December 11), Amber ’24 is celebrating Christmas and New Year’s, Anonymous ’23 “will probably celebrate Christmas”, and Eleanor ’23 is celebrating Advent (the Catholic season leading up to Christmas).

An Advent Wreath, which Catholics light a new candle of every week. Each candle has a meaning. PC – Eleanor Bentley ’23

These are just some of the things Mudders are celebrating in December! Happy Holidays from the Admission Blog :))