The Pod Life!

Hello, It’s Mason! 

This semester, I’ve been living in a “pod” with other mudders – once we learned that HMC would be completely remote for the fall 2020 semester, some of my future suitemates and I decided we’d go to a friend’s house and live here for the semester. It’s only an approximation of living at Mudd, but it’s still a good time! I enjoy being surrounded by peers taking similar classes at similar times, and generally being around people my own age. 

Weekday Routine

On a normal weekday, I wake up about 15 minutes before class, and attend my first few classes. (I may or may not have attended a few of these in bed with my camera off…) After those, I go make myself lunch. This usually consists of dinner leftovers, or whatever food I can throw together that is relatively low effort/time. What I do next depends on the day. Some days, I work on homework or go to office hours. Others, I go outside to run. And other days still, I find ways to waste time! After that, if I’ve been assigned to cook that day, I’ll start cooking sometime in the range 4:30PM-5:30PM. If I haven’t, I’ll work (or waste time) until dinner. 

Dinner serves 3 nice purposes. Firstly, getting sustenance into my body is something I have to do. Secondly, it’s a nice, long break from doing things if I’ve spent the day chaotically bouncing between tasks. Thirdly, it provides a regular opportunity to socialize with my housemates. We often spend most of the day until dinnertime in Zoom class or other Zoom meetings, so dinner’s can be the first time we interact with people in real life for more than a few minutes. 

After dinner, we again disperse to do homework, attend meetings, or do the dishes leftover from cooking/eating. Recently, we’ve also made various snacks and eaten them together – popcorn, hot chocolate, and chips are some of our favorites. 

Weekend Routine

That’s what the routine looks like on weekdays, but what about weekends? Well, weekends are far less structured for me. I sleep in pretty late, and by the time I get up, I’m usually hungry for lunch. Once I make and eat lunch, I either go run or do homework. Around dinnertime, we convene as a house and decide what we’ll do for dinner. We usually end up divy-ing up our various leftovers and making a little extra food to go with them, but we might also cook a full meal. Occasionally, we’ll order take-out. After dinner, we’ll usually watch movies, play video games, or hang out in other ways. Those of us who are particularly busy will instead work on whatever they need to get done. 

So that’s what’s a typical day looks like for this Mudder in a pod! In summary, it’s about what you’d expect. Going to class, doing homework, eating food, and exercising. I hope you enjoyed!