10 Things Mudders are Scared Of

To help prospective students get an idea of what Mudd culture is like, the bloggers asked Mudd students some questions. This month is October, also known as ‘Halloween Month,’ so on this 10th day of the 10th month, here’s 10 Mudders and what they’re scared of!

Photo Credit: https://www.bluenovo.com

Jordan, Class of 2024

“Getting sliced by a tape measure.”

Cooper, Class of 2023

“I am scared of rings. I have very skinny fingers and fat knuckles, so I am afraid that the ring will get stuck on my finger and it won’t come off.”

Elisha, Class of 2021

“Hoch Lines at 12:20 PM on a Wednesday”

The Hoch is what Mudders call our dining hall, and it can get busy sometimes!

Kaitlyn, Class of 2022

“This comes from a recurring dream I have, but I am scared of driving a car where the brakes don’t work, and needing to slow down but not being able to no matter how hard I push the brakes!”

Henry, Class of 2022

“Losing or Decreasing my Financial Aid.”

Anya, Class of 2023

“People touching my eyes–but that’s why we have glasses :)”

Matthew, Class of 2021

“The hoch salad bar being closed.”

Andrea, Class of 2021

“Accidentally killing someone.”

Hannah, Class of 2023

“I’m very scared of the day when I ultimately have to handle more than basic math in my biology classes.”

Mason, Class of 2022

“Insects! Spiders, flies, roaches, they all spook me!”