Meet the Bloggers

Mason Acevedo

Intern, Mason Acevedo, leaning up against a whiteboard that reads "Hi, I am Mason!"Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Culver City, CA
High school: Culver City High School

Major: Mathematics
HSA concentration: Art? Music? Dance? Who knows!
Courses I am taking this semester: Abstract Algebra, Digital Electronics & Computer Architecture, Intermediate Probability, Partial Differential Equations, Finite Fourier Analysis, Introduction to Drawing, Modern & Contemporary Art Practices

Remote learning situation: I’m living with other Mudders in the Bay Area. I’ve never spent extended time there before, so this will be fun! (Although who knows how much I’ll be able to see in quarantine…)

Fun fact: I only know what a cardigan is because Taylor Swift made a song about one.

Malia Morgan

Intern, Malia Morgan, leaning up against a whiteboard that reads "Hello, I'm Malia!"

Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Springfield, Mo
High school: Central High School
Major: Undecided–probably physics or computer science
HSA concentration: Undecided!
Courses I am taking this semester: I’m still in Core, so I have four core classes: Engineering 79 (Engineering Systems), Math 82 (Differential Equations), Physics 51 (Electromagnetic Theory and Optics), and Physics 50.5 (Physics Lab). I’m also taking Math 55 (Discrete Math) and United States Foreign Policy at Pomona!

Remote learning situation: I’m at home with my parents, three younger siblings, and a dog. Almost all of us are working/learning from home, so it’s pretty crowded!

Fun fact: The first job I ever had was as a soccer referee, which I did for all of high school.

Andy Liu
Intern, Andy Liu, against a city backdrop

Class Year: 2023
Hometown: Libertyville, IL
High school: Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora, IL
Major: CS-Math
HSA concentration: Not sure yet, maybe Political Science
Courses I am taking this semester: E79, Math 82, Phys 51, CS 70, Math 131 (at Scripps), Intro to Cognitive Science (at Pomona)

Remote learning situation: Currently at home, but planning to move to Boston in a few weeks

Fun fact: Over quarantine, I’ve really gotten into making ice cream!

Andrea Zavala

Intern, Andrea Zavala, leaning up against a whiteboard reading "Hi! I am Andrea"

Class Year: 2021
Hometown: Houston, TX
High school: Westside High School
Major: Engineering
HSA concentration: Art
Courses I am taking this semester: Clinic, Operations Research, State Estimation and Critical Shakespeare’s

Remote learning situation: Living with three friends in Southern California, a tiny Mudd bubble!

Fun fact: I was once mentioned in a Houston underground rapper’s SoundCloud song.