Welcome to my Crib – Sontag

  What’s up everyone, welcome to the next installment of our dorm profile series. Today, we’ll be continuing our look into Mudd’s outer dorms with an article about Sontag, the second-newest (completed in 2004) dorm at Mudd. 

Frederick and Susan Sontag Residence Hall.

Sontag is a two-story dorm containing seventeen suites, which consist of singles and doubles surrounding a common living room, bathroom, and kitchen. In addition, to its rooms, Sontag also has a large main lounge, featuring two projectors and a ping-pong table (as well as a lot of couches). Because of the high number of singles available and its suite-style layout, Sontag rooms are in high demand every Room Draw. While many of Sontag’s residents do end up being seniors, however, it is definitely possible to live in Sontag as a freshman, with around twenty freshmen being placed in Sontag’s doubles – which are very spacious – this year.

A suite in Sontag.

Sontag has a (deserved) reputation as a quiet dorm – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sontag event in the noise advisory emails CAP sends out every weekend. However, they still host a lot of events throughout the school year. The event they’re most well-known for is their weekly lemonade events, but they do run a number of other events throughout the year, including, most recently, a cider event in their main lounge. Sontag tends not to run as many events for the entire Mudd campus compared to some other dorms; however, anyone living in Sontag can still experience various dorm programming.

Sontag main lounge.

In terms of dorm culture, Sontag does share similarities with apartment-style living. The suites are among the nicest on campus, which has resulted in a lot of seniors moving into Sontag for these suites. Because of this, Sontag as developed a reputation as Mudd’s very own “senior retirement dorm”, and is thought of as one of the most quiet dorms on campus. However, although Sontag may seem quiet as a whole, it is still home to a wide range of personalities and kind, welcoming upperclassmen within its suites.