Welcome to My Crib: Drinkward

What’s up everyone, it’s me again with the first of our “Welcome to my Crib” dorm profiles! Today, we’ll be looking at Drinkward, both the largest (capable of housing 131 students on its three floors) and newest of Mudd’s nine dorms (having opened in 2015), as well as the dorm with the most admissions bloggers (me included)!

The outside of Drinkward, with the O-side stairs on the left and suites on the right.

Drinkward is divided into two halves, which students refer to as “suiteside” and “O-side”. Suiteside consists of, unsurprisingly, suites (Drinkward has a total of ten suites). A Drinkward suite consists of one triple and two or three singles, as well as a shared bathroom, kitchen, and common area. While living in Drinkward doesn’t guarantee placement in a suite, it’s definitely possible to get a triple in a suite as a freshman. The other half of Drinkward, the “O-side”, has a more standard college floor layout. Each floor has a small common lounge, two communal bathrooms, and a mix of singles, doubles, and triples. The majority of Drinkward freshmen live in O-side triples.

A second-floor suite in Drinkward. PC: Michelle Lum ’23


First floor O-side.

In addition to the suite and O-sides, Drinkward also has a main lounge and a number of study rooms on the first floor. The main lounge is equipped with a kitchen, an impressive assortment of couches, and speakers. Outside of Drinkward, there are also outside couches and a swing that are most commonly used during Drinkward’s weekly barbeques.

Drinkward’s main lounge.

Drinkward has a number of traditions and dorm events, including weekly “Chalk and Tea”s, barbeques, and romantic comedy viewings. More recently, there have also been individual events such as mug decoration and pumpkin carving. Drinkward’s second floor is also home to the Living Learning Community (LLC), which runs events relating to social justice, and Drinkward does throw a party or two every year.

The LLC (second floor O-side).

In terms of dorm culture, Drinkward’s large size, young age, and high freshman population means it doesn’t have as clearly defined of a culture as the rest of the dorms. Last year, Drinkward dorm merch even reflected this, poking fun of its own reputation with merch that read “No Culture Culture Club”. However, its residents are generally very friendly and down to hang out, and Drinkward has a very low-key, chill atmosphere that Dorm Proctor Josh Morgan describes as “[halfway to] the dorm equivalent of chill lo-fi hip-hop beats to study to”. Combined with the fact that almost sixty freshmen were placed in Drinkward this year, it’s clear that Drinkward can be a really great environment for new Mudders, and a wholesome, chill environment for older ones!

Until next time,

Andy “Third Floor Best Floor” Liu