Welcome to my Crib: Introduction

What’s up everyone, it’s Andy again, and I’m excited to introduce a new series of blog posts for you all! 

This is the first post of a series we’ll be doing for the whole fall semester, called Welcome to my Crib. Here at the Admissions Office, we know a lot of prospective students are curious about both Mudd housing as a whole and the specific cultures of each of our dorms, so we’ve decided to put together this series to give you a more personal look into the dorms here! Every few weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of the dorms here, exploring its layout and room situation as well as the culture and traditions unique to each dorm.

East, the oldest of Mudd’s dorms.

When Mudd first started way back in 1957, there was only one dorm for students to stay in – Mildred S. Mudd Hall, now commonly referred to as East. Since then, however, Mudd has grown to nine dorms, each with its own unique culture. It is possible for upperclassmen to live off campus, in practice, although freshmen are required to live in one of the dorms. However, in practice, almost all Mudders live on campus; combined with Mudd’s small size, this results in a very close-knit residential culture on campus. 

Mudd’s dorms can generally be separated into two categories: the four inner dorms (North, East, South, and West), which are older but closer to the academic side of campus, and the five outer dorms (Sontag, Drinkward, Linde, Case, and Atwood), which are newer but relatively far (although to be fair, no two things are that far from each other on Mudd campus). 

Drinkward, one of Mudd’s five outer dorms.

Another important distinction is the difference between dorms with suites and without suites. South, Atwood, Sontag, Linde, and parts of South and Drinkward are suite-style housing (6-9 people sharing a bathroom and common area). Some of these suites are legacy suites, where a suite culture is passed down from year to year. This can create different social vibes compared to dorms without suites, or with few legacy suites, but suites are definitely still a very important contributor to the specific cultures of each dorm!

Atwood, a suite-style dorm.

Each dorm has its own culture (although there are definitely sub-cultures within dorms), making it so that there’s definitely something for everyone on campus. Freshmen fill out a housing preference form before arriving on campus where you’ll be able to express what kind of atmosphere you’d prefer in a dorm (and hopefully be placed in a dorm accordingly), so no matter what kind of person you are, there’ll be a dorm for you!

So over the next few months, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the setup, room layout, traditions, and personalities of all nine dorms here at Harvey Mudd. Coming up first will be Mudd’s newest dorm and the most popular dorm amongst Admissions Bloggers, Drinkward!

The below list will update with links once more installments of Welcome to my Crib are posted: