DSA Muchachos Part 1

While the academic side of Mudd is very important (and fun in its own way) Mudd provides lots of opportunities to leave your work and relax too. One of the groups that helps out with that comes from the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), and is called the Muchachos. They’re a group of students who plan activities throughout the year. These events tend to be one of two types, repeated and one-off. This post is about the one-off events, but check back for another blog post about the repeated events coming soon!


Free white t-shirts and free tie-dyeing advice plus a Mudder’s artistic side leads to fun and de-stressing on a lovely Saturday afternoon! My roommate, Anya, has a much more artistic side than I do and her tie-dye consequentially turned out much better. There are steps to doing a tie-dye, as I have learned. First, you have to do the actual tie-dyeing. There were lots of different patterns and colors you could choose from.

Two Mudd students sitting at a table use bottles of dye on white shirts in front of them.

A couple of Mudders tie-dyeing their shirts. Photo Credit: Anya Porter

Then, you let it sit in a plastic bag for 24 hours to make sure the dye sets in.

Anya holds up a ziploc bag with a balled-up blue and purple shirt in it.

Anya holding up her dyed shirt in the plastic bag. Photo Credit: Anya Porter

Finally, you take it out, rinse it, and wear it! Anya’s turned out really well.

Anya wears a white t-shirt with a crisscrossing purple and light blue diamond shape.

Anya wearing the final product!

Bubble Soccer

Sometimes random events really feel random–like two hours spent playing bubble soccer outside on a Saturday! This particular event came with free food as well, always a plus. It also included excercise, an excellent stress reliever. Mudders can certainly be athletic, and we love to have fun and take advantage of the great weather here in Southern California.

Several people wearing plastic bubbles over their shirt and heads playing soccer outside.

A group of Mudders playing bubble soccer. Photo Credit: Peter Osgood

Cookie Decorating

My personal favorite event so far this year happened over fall break. While a lot of Mudders travel, quite a few of us are left here on campus. The DSA Muchachos organize¬† some bigger events with the extra time. This year, there was a movie night, a s’mores night, and some early holiday fun…decorating cookies! Now, as previously mention, I am not the most artistic person. However, especially when there is sugar involved, I do like to indulge in a creative side. My roommates and I went to this event together, and made some pretty cool cookies.

A plate with two cookies on it.

A cookie decorated to look like fall trees (bottom) and a geometric design (top).

A plate with three cookies on it.

These are the cookies I decorated. They’re not designed to look like anything in particular, but I think they turned out okay. They definitely tasted great!

Overall, the DSA Muchachos are simply awesome! These one off events can be fairly popular among students, but most Mudders’ favorite events are the repeated one. Stay tuned for a blog post about those (spoiler: they include Wednesday donuts)!