Diving Through History: Harvey Mudd Yearbooks in Review

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Joaquín here. While the Admissions Interns were fetching an abandoned water bottle from the Division of Student Affairs office over the summer, we got distracted by the wealth of Harvey Mudd Yearbooks sitting in the corner of the office. To honor the students of years past (and to show you all the cool things we found), I decided to share some of their contents with you!

These yearbooks clearly demonstrate how much some things have changed throughout the years. At one point, the Uniclub (Unicycle Club) had about 30 members who would regularly unicycle around campus. Throughout my time here, I only knew one student who would regularly unicycle, and he just graduated last year- Uniclub no longer exists. However, in the place of unicycles, dozens of students have adopted the Freeline Lifestyle. For a demonstration of Freelines, follow this link.

Mudders of years past form a unicycle with their bodies, to celebrate the unicycle club          Jawahar Madan, Class of 2021, doing a cool trick on his Freelines in November, 2017

The size of the institution has also increased dramatically. From the first dorm and original 48 members of the founding class, HMC has grown to 9 dorms and about 900 students. That being said, some things never change! There is a clear love for the dorms which is present throughout the years and on our campus right now. Although the people within the dorms change through the passing years, the communities within these dorms have remained strong and supportive.

An image celebrating the dorms we have at Mudd

My roommate Chan is sleeping on the couch, enjoying the protection of the suite.

There’s also a lot of studying that happens both then and now!

A yearbook page demonstrating the studying done across the class years

Savanna Beans wearing sunglasses, working on her laptop, studying at 2 AM in the morning

Savanna Beans, looking totally awesome, studying at 2 AM in the morning.

There were *MANY* amazing things found inside of these yearbooks, and I’ve included a bunch of them at the bottom of the blog. However, this was my favorite quote.

A student hanging off of the roof

This quote was true then, and it’s still true now. The student body truly is what makes this institution tick. I’ve worked with people through long hours, spending fourteen hours on a single assignments. I’ve wandered to McDonald’s with friends in the middle of the night, just going to get junk food. With my friends, we roadtripped all the way to San Francisco during Spring Break, seeing emus, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and beaches up and down the coast. People have supported me in my times of need, and I’ve been happy to help others when they need it, because we’re stuck in the Mudd together. We’re Mudders, and we look out for each other. That won’t change.

The student body hasn’t made yearbooks for a couple years now, but we’re trying to get them started up again. Hopefully, we’ll start producing them either this year or next year. If you want to see these yearbooks, they’re located in the Division of Student Affairs Office. I would highly recommend taking some time to look at them.

Poring over pages,

Joaquín “” Fuenzalida Nuñez

Joaquin's little doodle letting everyone know that they should have a great day!

P.S. Here are some of the more random things that I personally found very funny. Seriously, check these books out if you can.

A Mudder enjoys a coke

A fun yearbook article describing how Elvis Presley is actually still alive and pregnant

Students throwing a record player off the roof of one of the dorms

A student blocking a door with large rocks

Students dramatically dancing/posing for the camera

Students using a forklift to raise a vehicle onto the roof of some building.

Two students shaving a handprint onto another student's head