Twins in the Mudd

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Joaquín here. Today, I’m discussing twins here at Harvey Mudd. Since I don’t have a twin (that I know of), I sat down with some twins I know to learn what life is like with a double here at Mudd.

Aryana and Fabrizia dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Twinterview 1: Fabrizia + Aryana Mugnatto (Class of 2022)

Did the two of you originally plan to study at the same college?

Fabrizia: Not at all! I was actually accepted by Emory University; I went there for two weeks. I decided to transfer to Harvey Mudd because the academics at Mudd suited my interests better than those of Emory. I also saw that Aryana was very happy at Mudd, and making lots of like-minded friends. Her positive experience experience solidified my decision to come to Mudd.

What’s your experience like, having your twin here at the same college?

Fabrizia: Having my twin sister with me has only made my experience at HMC better. We spend a lot of time together, either having fun, doing work or both! She’s one of the best study partners for me because we have similar classes and learning styles. She’s also the person I can count on most to be there for me when I need support. We have pretty similar interests – I’m doing a Math-Comp-Bio major and she’s doing Computer Science/Mathematics. It’s great having her here with me!


Anna Barth and Andres Cook presenting their research project completed with Professor Brian Shuve

Twinterview 2: Andres Cook + Anna Barth (Class of 2021)

Wait, you two have different last names. How are you twins?

Andres: I have our dad’s last name, and Anna has our mom’s last name. Rikki Walters (Class of 2020) and her sister actually have the same thing going on; it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Anna: They gave me the alphabetically-first last name because I was the favorite child, right from the start.

Andres (frowning): No, they just wanted to split the name situation up fairly. One for mom, one for dad.

Did the two of you originally plan to study at the same college?

Anna: No, it wasn’t planned. We just both really liked Mudd and decided to come here.

Andres: I chose Mudd first, she’s the one who followed me here. But to be fair, Anna decided to become a Physics major before I did; I was originally planning to be a Computer Science or Engineering major, but now we’re both Physics majors. That means we have class together basically every single day. We were also placed in the same dorm as frosh – we didn’t request that, it just kinda happened.

Anna: We have the same friend group, so we spend a lot of time together outside of class as well, either eating, socializing or doing fun twin activities, like homework! We even did research together last summer with Professor Shuve. At this point, we can totally finish each other’s –

Andres (frowning, again): No.

Anna and Andres arm-wrestling on a table, attempting to overpower the other.

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about being twins here?

Andres: People are always surprised that we’re twins, because of the last name thing. Some people see us hanging out together and assume we’re dating, which is a drag, because that’s weird and not true.

Anna: Yeah we don’t like that. I guess coming to Mudd, it was nice to know that I was going to know someone here from the start. Andres, it’s nice to have you around!

Andres (smiling): Thanks Anna. You too!


A big thank you to Andres, Anna, and Fabrizia for agreeing to share their experience as twins at Mudd.

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