[Y HMC?] with Abtin Molavi

Today marks the end of our Admitted Students Program and as we say goodbye to our visitors, we welcome you back to the series [Y HMC?]! This week we will start by visiting with sophomore, Abtin Molavi. Abtin is a joint math and computer science major from Denver, Colorado.

When Abtin was applying to schools, he knew wanted to pursue a STEM education, but wasn’t sure which specific field. He also strongly valued humanities classes he took in high school, such as English and history.

Since Abtin was interested in small liberal arts colleges, he learned about the Claremont Colleges early on. When one of our admissions officers visited his high school his junior year, he was sure to sign up to learn more about Mudd.

He says that one of the most important factors in choosing to come to Mudd was the academic philosophy here. Abtin was excited that Mudd would allow him to engage in a broad STEM curriculum to explore what interested him most, while simultaneously taking a lot of classes in the humanities.

Abtin Molavi

Abtin Molavi

During his time visiting Mudd, Abtin observed that Mudders just seemed to be having a good time. He states, “more Mudders were talking to each other between classes than walking with headphones in compared to other places I visited.”

Molavi appreciates the close-knit community and amazing professors he interacts with on a daily basis. He also pointed out that Mudd “definitely feels like it belongs to the students.” He explains that the entire campus feels like a space that is there for him and other Mudders. He added that this sense of freedom to use and take advantage of the space might “largely stem from the honor code being by the students and for the students.”

Abtin acknowledged that being a student at Mudd can be hard, but thinks that it’s totally worth it to be a part of an amazing community of curious and driven peers. He advises prospective students that although academics are significant, looking for a cultural fit is just as important.

One last message from Abtin: “Relax! Don’t forget to enjoy the last bit of your high school experience in all the excitement about college!”