1. You, 2. School

Dear you,

School is fun. I like learning. I love the satisfaction of mastering things that I once considered impossible to have a grasp on.

School is important. An education is one of the biggest assets in the workforce and in life. It’s valuable beyond measure for intrinsic and extrinsic reasons.

School is hard. Especially Mudd. The demands of higher education curricula can be a lot, especially depending on the type of preparation you had beforehand.

Nothing is more important than you. No grade, no deadline, no socially imposed time pressure should ever take precedent over your mental health.

Sometimes, deep breaths and a nap aren’t enough to replenish your willpower or ease of mind. It’s essential to be forthright during these times.

Ask for help. Talk to a friend or family member. Talk to a stranger. Tell someone that you’re struggling. You’re not the only one. There is support if you seek it in the right places, and most importantly if you seek it at all.

In recent years, mental health has become a topic discussed frequently on campus, and justifiably so. I believe that it is our responsibility as a community to create an environment where issues of mental health are taken seriously, acknowledged, and accepted. It is only in these types of environments where those who are struggling have a voice.

One of the kindest and most powerful acts is to listen and learn from those who feel things that we do not always understand. I encourage you to be an open ear, to care for those around you and to care for yourself.

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Instructions for Taking Care of Yourself

With love,