What’s your favorite outfit? A question for my friends.

One thing that people always like to joke about is the fact that Mudders always wear shirts from the career fair. I can definitely say that this is somewhat true, as I have my own stack of career fair t-shirts in my drawer that I will turn to when I haven’t done laundry. But, I definitely know that Mudders also have a lot of style. This post is dedicated to showcasing just that.

I’ve asked some of my friends if they’d like to talk about their favorite outfits, and they were all eager to be included. So, here they are. And remember: if you don’t “get” it, it’s because you don’t understand fashion.

(It should be noted that these outfits aren’t necessarily their favorite outfits. These are the outfits that they happened to be wearing when I asked if they wanted to be included in this blog post.)

Sidd: “Chacos are the best footwear in all weather”

Sidd stands with his arms crossed. He is wearing a colorful windbreaker jacket, khaki pants, and chacos

Sidd shows off his outfit and shoes.

Flora: “I have to make sure that it’s clear that I am wearing overalls”

Flora is wearing black overalls, a gray tank top, white sneakers, and a leather jacket. She looks really cool

Flora shows off her overalls and sick jacket. Flora always looks cool.

Katie: “I like this outfit because it is very functional. I have my hair up and closed toed shoes on, so I could go into lab if I want to. I also have like 40 pockets”

Katie is wearing jean overalls with a gray sweater underneath. She is also holding a whale mug

Katie shows off her super cool jean overalls. Katie’s mug has Shamu on it.

Holly: “Yes, I guess I would say that I am the Pastel Queen”

Holly is wearing a light cream colored dress, a pink leather jacket, and chacos

Holly (obviously) looks amazing in her pink outfit. She is the pastel queen.

Kira: “I check the weather every day, and that’s what determines my outfit. This is my 65 and sunny outfit.”

Kira is wearing a white tank top with a black cardigan, blue ripped jeans, and black and white sneakers. She looks really cool

Kira rocks her 65 and sunny outfit.

Lin: “Today was our casual dress day in the Admissions Office, so I went with this outfit”

Lin is wearing a gray tshirt under a red and blue plaid flannel. She is also wearing ripped jeans and brown sneakers

Lin pulls off an incredibly cool flannel look.

Bradley: “I need to wear something that works for both an academic setting and a farm setting. So, I’m wearing this clinic jacket and these work boots”

Bradley is wearing a black clinic fleece, green pants, and yellow-brown work boots. He is sitting on a couch and eating out of his green box

Bradley lounges while eating from his green box, ready for both lecture and the farm.

Neeta: “I’m wearing Rico Nasty’s pants”

Neeta is wearing camo cargo pants that used to belong to Rico Nasty. She is also wearing a black crop top that has short sleeves.

Neeta is wearing Rico Nasty’s pants