The Weekly Routine of a Mudd Frosh!

Hello! It’s Mason again, here to talk about my weekly routine at HMC.

A headshot of the writer.

Hi! I hope you enjoy! (Mason Acevedo, Class of 2022)

I know it’s a capital-T Thing to talk about your daily routine, but I don’t get up every day and do the same thing, so I feel like my life is much better described by a weekly routine than a daily one.

So, here’s my weekly schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays

8:00 AM – Get up and groggily stumble to my first class; my brain has hopefully turned on by the time class starts.

9:00 AM – Grab breakfast at the Hoch. Food options are limited, because this is near the end of the breakfast period.

10:00 AM – Go to Chemistry, where I get very confused (don’t worry, Wednesday office hours clears things up).

11:00 AM –  Rush down to the Roberts Pavillion at CMC for my PE class. Exercise is important!!

A picture of the Roberts Pavillion at dusk, at about Dusk.

The Roberts Pavillion was finished last year! It’s new, it’s as big as it looks in the picture, and it’s generally a very nice place to work out!

12:00 PM – Once class is over, do homework at office hours, and/or miscellaneous errands. Call family members if time permits.

6:30 PM – Eat dinner, slowly enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to relax and reward myself.

7:30 PM – Go back to my dorm, do more homework or relax with the suitemates until bed.

11:00 PM – Go to sleep!

Tuesdays and Thursdays

8:00 AM – Get up and groggily stumble to my first class, my brain has hopefully turned on by the time class starts.

11:00 AM – Once classes are done, go back to the dorm and pretend I don’t have to get lunch before going to either CS or Bio lab.

12:00 PM – Admit to myself I need to get lunch, and go eat.

1:00 PM  (roughly) – Go to lab, lose any morale to do work once lab is done.

5:00 PM – Work isn’t going to get done, so relax until dinner.

The picture shows a scientist in a lab coat who has a blue orb in their hand and is using it to manipulate a floating hologram of a twisted-ladder DNA model. The picture almost makes science seem magical/mystical.

My Bio lab professor loves to talk about how pictures like this are not at all accurate representations of her job, and how they’re scientifically nonsensical, so of course I have to put such a picture here to represent what we do in Bio lab.

6:30 PM –  Get dinner, strategically use hot chocolate to charge myself up for homework that hasn’t been started today (hot chocolate is a multi-purpose, universal ‘change-into-the-right-state-of-mind’ drink, thank you very much)

7:30 PM – Do homework with the suitemates.

9:30 PM – Go exercise, I usually end up running on the track (near Robert’s Pavillion).

11:00 PM – Shower, and get to bed.


8:00 AM – 10:00AM  – See Monday and Wednesday

11:00 AM – Power nap until heading into work, where I write these blog posts.

1:00 PM – Write and delete and write and delete and write and delete at work.

3:00 PM – Aimlessly do nothing until I have to pick up the BBQ at the Hoch. As Atwood’s BBQ frosh, it’s my responsibility to set-up and start the Friday barbecues.

4:00 PM – Drag the grill (it’s heavy!) to Atwood dorm, start the fire for the BBQ.

5:00 PM – Everyone comes down once the BBQ is ready, Atwood dorm socializes and relaxes over burgers, hot dogs, and quesadillas. It’s pretty great.

7:00 PM – Once the BBQ is over, work on homework.

9:00 PM – Get tired of doing homework on a Friday night, chill out with whichever suitemates aren’t doing things until bed time.

11:00 PM – Go to bed.

Saturdays and Sundays:

11:00 AM – Wake up, pretend I can be productive and try to work on CS before getting brunch.

12:00 PM – Get brunch.

1:00 PM – Once brunch is over, slowly work on CS or hand out with suitemates until dinner.

Picture depicts shows all 21 characters from Nintendo's 'Mario Party' videogame. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser among them.

‘Relaxing with the suitemates’ often involves playing video games, ‘Mario Party’ in particular.

5:00 PM – Get dinner with suitemates

6:30 PM – After dinner, do some kind of long, slow, relaxing workout, because I’ve got nothing else to do.

9:00 PM – Maybe do a little more homework, but probably just relax until bed.

11:00 PM –  Go to bed.

So there’s my weekly routine. I generally try pretty hard to make sure I’m getting enough sleep and exercise (health is important!!) After that, I prioritize homework and socializing. That might seem unusual, but I can’t function as a human being without enough sleep, and life is generally way better when I’m exercising regularly.

Interestingly enough, my life is less pre-structured for me than it was in high school, but I’ve added enough of my own structure so my life now involves more routines and repetition, than before. That’s an interesting little thing about college life that I wasn’t really expecting, but I really enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

-Mason Acevedo