To Our Early Decision Applicants

To Our Early Decision Applicants,

This Friday – December 14th at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time- we’ll be releasing our ED1 decisions.+  We first want to thank all of you who applied for taking the time and care to apply to Harvey Mudd.  We saw in your applications how carefully you thought about what it was in the HMC community that led you to believe that we would be a good match for you.  Knowing as we do what a different and intentional community ours is, we are honored that you have felt a connection to it. We have spent the past month with all of you via your applications.  Since we read regionally at Harvey Mudd, each of you, based on where you go to school, has an advocate on our staff whose job it was to understand you and your context.  I want to promise you that we take that advocacy as a real responsibility and a privilege.

This year we received 217 ED1 applications for a class that most likely will number around 225 students.  We still have another round of Early Decision to go and then our much larger pool of Regular Decision applicants.  Last year our applications totaled 4,110.  All of these numbers are to say that we had to make some incredibly hard decisions, and most of you will not be receiving the news that you want to hear.  Please know that our decisions are the result of hours of careful reading and discussion.  In committee, we were in awe of all that you had accomplished and, in some cases, overcome.  We spent time sharing what we had learned about you with others and often reading out loud your own words so that others could see in you what we as first readers saw. Our ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for a class of individuals who will complement each other and contribute to our community.  The hard part is that we felt that about most of you.  If you are not receiving positive news from us, we hope you know that it is not a reflection on how much we believe you will thrive as a college student or what we know you will contribute to your future community.  It is HMC that will be missing out if we were not able to include you.  You, we know, will be just fine.  We hope you will allow yourself time to process our decision but then realize, just as importantly, that you should feel as confident as we do that you still have many wonderful options ahead.

For those to whom we were able to offer admission, we are thrilled you will be joining our community.  We look forward to seeing the contributions you will make to Harvey Mudd.

With best wishes,
The Harvey Mudd Admission Staff

+ Important: You will receive your application decision in the Hub. To make sure that you are able to access your decision at 6:00 PM PST, please try logging into the HMC Applicant Hub before noon PST. If you have trouble accessing the Hub, please see these FAQS before contacting