Breaking News: RAIN

When you think of things that don’t go together, you might think of things like peanut butter and ketchup, jelly and mustard, or naturally, rain and Southern California. With an astounding average of 27 rainy days each year, you’d be justified in thinking so. Claremont’s yearly average rainfall of 19 inches falls 20 inches below the national average.

A chart of Claremon'ts Average Monthly Rainfall. High of 2.9 inches in February and a low of 0 in June.

A chart of Claremont’s Average Monthly Rainfall. Source: © Cedar Lake Ventures, Inc.

Clearly, Sunny and 75 is no myth. The temperature at the 5C’s commonly ranges between 70 and 80 degrees during most months with little to no rain.

This doesn’t go to say that there’s never rain. It’s just kind of a big deal when there is. While non-native-Californians don’t usually flinch when struck by the first rain drops coming down, they learn to appreciate and celebrate these rare occasions.

The first I learned of SoCal’s infatuation with rain was last September while I was working in Shan one evening. Much to my surprise, everyone gravitated outside to admire the sky. I found it amusing and sent my parents this photo, meanwhile they were casually being drenched with rain in Houston.

A group of students standing on the balcony of an academic building staring at the sky where rain is falling.

Mudders gathering on the Shanahan balcony to admire the rain

This week it rained heavily on Thursday and Mudders made the most of it, as usual. One of my good friends woke up hours before her first class to enjoy her coffee and a book on a couch outside (under a roof of course, love for the rain doesn’t necessitate full immersion!). In my sociology class at least four of my classmates left for a brief moment to enjoy the precious downfall.

These examples are only a brief taste of the celebratory mood that takes over during our few rainy days. In fact, one of my favorite depictions of a Mudd-esque rainy day was earlier this semester. A group of students set up a slip-n-slide tarp in classic Mudd fashion: extra. If that’s not making the most of it, I don’t know what is.

A girl in a wet suit sitting into a tarp in the rain.

Rose Didcock slipping and sliding as friends watch and wait their turns

A girl sliding on her stomach on a tarp through the legs of another girl standing in a westsuit.

Leila Wiberg taking a dive on the slip-n-slide tarp between a friend’s wide-legged stance

Unless you’re from SoCal, “rainy days” might hold some gloom by association. Here at Mudd, this is often the opposite. Sunny and 75 has glory in many ways, including making rainy days a time for celebration.