Halloween At Mudd!

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It’s that time of year again, folks.

Are you ssssssssssssssssscared yet?????

Are you feeling FFFF R I G H T E N E D yet?????

I know I’m feeling that strange, SpOooOOOooooOOOky, spirit, so this post is all about Halloween at Mudd!

I’m thinking of dressing up as an Avocado, because my last name is Acevedo, and I’ve had countless people call me ‘Avocado’ since forever because, well, that’s what my name looks like. I actually really like the whole avocado thing, I think it’s pretty funny. But somehow, in my 18 years of existence I haven’t dressed up as an Avocado yet!  (to be fair, only like 13 of those years have been available for halloweening) But this might be the year!

A woman poses in an avocado costume. Her torso has half an avocado on it.

Senior Lilly Liu sent me a link to this Halloween costume! (she thought it was very important)

Aside from the avocado costume, I have no idea what I’m going to do for Halloween. (Quick question: Do people my age still trick or treat??)

However, Mudd has a lot of Halloween-themed activities!

For example, a couple weeks ago, Craft Club invited Mudd students to make Halloween Jars!

A picture of three jars, which have been decorated to look like a carved pumpkin, a cartoon ghost, and a cartoon Frankenstein.

Craft Club activities, like making these jars, are fun opportunities to socialize and de-stress!

This weekend, we’re also having the HAUNTED HOCH, Mudd’s very own haunted house! (The Hoch is our dining hall)

Additionally, last week, PRISM (People Respecting Identities and Sexualities at Mudd) had a table at the Hoch where you could send anonymously send a tiny pumpkin to a “squish – someone you have a ‘platonic attraction, liking, appreciation, or admiration for.” It’s like Valentine’s day, but instead of sending a gram to your crush, you can send a tiny pumpkin to your squish on Halloween!

A cartoon of two anthropomorphized, cute pumpkins.

‘Will you be my squish?’ ‘Oh my Gourd, absolutely!’

Last Friday, students had the opportunity to do Pumpkin Painting with Dean Chris! It’s an hour of relaxing, eating snacks, and painting pumpkins.

The picture features two pumpkins painted to look like monsters.

Mudders (can) get really creative with their pumpkin designs!

Tonight, DUCK!, Mudd’s student improv comedy group, is going to be doing a Halloween show! I went to one of DUCK!’s shows when I was trying to make my college decision, and the personality and quirkiness on display was one of the reasons I decided to come to Mudd.

There’s also ‘Hallowest’ tonight, which is a Halloween-themed party hosted by West dorm, and there’s another Halloween party at Pitzer tomorrow night.

As you can tell, there’s tons of fun events in which Mudd students can celebrate, have fun, and generally get into the S P O O K Y spirit!

I also decided that I’d ask Mudd students about Halloweens past and present, and share some of their quotes with you!

Thomas Fleming, Class of 2022:

Do you have plans for Halloween this year?

‘My friends and I are doing Winnie the Pooh costumes and I’m Eeyore.

Fabio Amendola, Class of 2019:

What do you usually do for Halloween at Mudd?

‘I just go around and have fun with my friends.’

Lilly Liu, Class of 2019:

Do you have any Halloween Plans?

‘I don’t really have any plans. I’m like a senior citizen these days. ‘

Do you know of any fun Halloween events at Mudd?

‘East [dorm] has Trick or Cheese. Outside a bunch of their dorms they have a bunch of fancy cheeses.’

Kalani Dúran, Class of 2021:

What did you do last year for Halloween?

‘I went to a dollar store and bought a bunch of mis-matched garbage and turned it into a costume. I think I was a fairy-ninja turtle-pilot. And it only cost me $3’

‘Also, last year, Professor Ran dressed up as a can of Spam. That made my day!’

Medium shot of Kalani Dúran smiling, sitting on a couch.

Kalani Dúran, Class of 2021.

Happy Halloween, everyone!