Meet the Bloggers

Izzy Jones

Headshot of Izzy JonesClass Year: Senior
Hometown: Lacey, WA
High school: Timberline High School
Major: Computer Science and Math Joint Major
HSA concentration: Literature
Courses I’m taking this semester: Intro to Digital Art, Concert Choir, Programming Practicum, CS Clinic, Utopias and Dystopias, Algebraic Geometry, Pop-Up Shakespeare, Math Colloquium, Playground Games
Fun fact: I’m a part of the 9th Street Hooligans, an a capella group [editor’s note: you can read Izzy’s blog post about it]

Eleanor Rackoff

Photo of Eleanor RackoffClass Year: Junior
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
High school: Columbus Academy
Major: Mathematics and Physics Joint Major
HSA concentration: Environmental Analysis
Courses I’m taking this semester: Statistical Mechanics, Theoretical Mechanics, Real Analysis, Critical Geographies of Community, Math Forum, Physics Research
Fun fact:  I can do a 50 foot handstand walk

Andrea Zavala

Photo of Andrea ZavalaClass Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Houston, Texas
High school: Westside High School
Major: Engineering
HSA concentration: Spanish
Courses I’m taking this semester: Sophomore Core classes (Intro to Systems Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory and Optics), Principles of Computer Science, Materials Engineering, Social and Political Movements
Fun fact:  I actually met my current (and frosh year) roommate at Rice University before we met again at ASP and before we got matched as roommates!

Sophia Lauf

Photo of Sophia LaufClass Year: Freshman
Hometown: Eugene, OR
High school: South Eugene High School
Major: Undecided (thinking about Engineering, Biology, or Neuroscience)
HSA concentration: Undecided (Foreign Language or Literature)
Courses I’m taking this semester: Math 30B, Chem 23A, Writ 1, Biology Laboratory, Comp Sci Green, Special Relativity, Math 35
Fun fact: I love water bears so much that I bought a water bear keychain when I was in the Alps in France.
Bonus fact: Water bears (otherwise known as tardigrades) are microscopic organisms that can survive anywhere from volcanoes to oceans to outer space. They can even be dehydrated then rehydrated and still live. They’re basically the ultimate apocalypse survivors.

Mason Acevedo

Photo of Mason AcevedoClass Year: Freshman
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
High school: Culver City High School
Major: Undecided (debating between Computer Science and Engineering)
HSA concentration: Undecided (Dance or Literature)
Courses I’m taking this semester: CS 5 Black, Math 30 Gold, Chem 23 Black, Special Relativity, Writ 1, Bio Lab, Basketball Skills and Conditioning
Fun fact: I ran cross country in high school!