Muddy Mudd Midterms

Hey everybody. Spring break is in just over a week for us here at Mudd, and that means one big thing: midterms (or finals if you’re in a half semester course).

And I’ve gotta say, the weather has done a lot to match the mood the last few weeks! Chipper Californians have become bitter, bundled up in their springtime blues. It’s been unusually cold on campus recently, and this week the clouds even had the audacity to rain!

A dramatically angled shot of the Harvey Mudd College sign, streaked with rain.

I’m a Washingtonian. I am accustomed to rain. I was born and bred in it. And I’m not one of the people who was super excited to get away from home when I went to college. I like Washington! Rain makes everything pretty and slick, the smell of it can be great, and it keeps things cool. But if I’m being honest, for some reason this weather has got me feeling bummed like everyone else. Maybe the coat (which I normally shun, choosing to face the elements bare like an idiot) is just making me a bit too warm. Or maybe everyone else being effected by the change in weather is just seeping through to me indirectly? Either way, it’s a weird funk.

A shot of Harvey Mudd's central quad, the ground slicked with rain.

I think that the change in weather is still good, though. It’s a change, and the way that it’s affecting me is making me realize that there’s probably more that I can be doing to keep myself emotionally even. It should take more than some clouds and water to rain on my parade! But midterms are on top of me just like they’re on top of everyone else, and I think lots of Mudders are under a lot of stress. It’s easier to just pretend it’s not there when you’ve got a warm, sunny day.

A shot of a tour group walking away with umbrellas.

So what is this blog about, anyway? I think I just want to remind everyone who reads these blogs, whether you’re a parent, prospective student, or someone here at Mudd, that you’ve gotta put the necessary work in to keep yourself happy! Know how you work best, know how you de-stress best. Surround yourself with people who care about you and who you can trust. And, even if this is a little corny, if you consider yourself the top person in your friend group in any section of your life, whether that’s with academic success, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, whatever, then you need to make more friends! Because no man is an island, and you deserve to have friends who you can grow with, and people who you can learn from. I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to work to improve myself and the ways that I promote my own growth. Because I think we all deserve to be in a place where we can enjoy the rain once in a while.

A photo of some grass, wet ground, and gray skies.