What to do while recovering from your food coma

Hi everyone, I’m back with a post during our Thanksgiving break to update you on some fun places you can go during these days off!

If you’re feeling maximally lazy but still have cabin fever, you can walk across the street from the north side of campus to some food spots where you can grab a drink or a bite! This little plaza is a 5 minute walk and hosts a Starbucks, Fruizen (a shaved ice, ice cream, and boba place), Blue Fin (sushi), and an animal adoption center where students go to play with kittens and puppies occasionally!

Storefronts of the College Center Shopping Center

The small shopping center across Foothill Blvd on the north side of campus (Credit: Google Street View)

If you don’t mind walking 15 minutes to the Claremont Village near the southside of Pomona, this hotspot hosts many popular food places such as Blaze, Bua Thai, 21 Choices, and more! There’s also a farmer’s market every weekend where you can pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, and even cute succulents for your dorm room! In addition, there’s a small movie theater, many places to sit and do work such as outside on tables and benches as well as in coffee shops.

Storefronts along Indian Hill Blvd: Jamba Juice and Poke Dot

Along Indian Hill Blvd in the Village where you can catch a movie, get a smoothie, or buy a poke bowl (Credit: Google Street View)

If all of this is still too close to home for you, you can take a train into LA for $10 roundtrip on the weekends. Just get on from the Metro station in the Village and within an hour, you’ll be walking out into downtown LA from Union Station. From there, you can head to Japantown which is just a 15 minute walk away. Or transfer to a bus or Metrolink where you can head to Santa Monica and walk the pier, bike to Venice beach, or just stay on shop on 3rd Street Promenade. You can read more about a trip into the city in my blog about what I did over summer here.

Over breaks, I’ve also traveled up to the Bay Area before. Last fall break, I flew up to UC Berkeley to meet up with some friends and spent 3 days there before returning to Mudd. Of course, these are if you’re not returning home to your family. If you’re stuck on campus due to unfortunate circumstances (such as $800+ plane tickets :'(… ), there’s always a potluck Friendsgiving on campus where students can get reimbursed for the dishes they cook as well as some movie and board game nights with pizza run by the Department of Student Affairs’ Muchachos.

Jeni Zhu and a friend in Japantown, San Francisco

My friend and I at Japantown in San Francisco

For the rabid Black Friday shopper in all of us, if you’re bored of sifting through online deals, there’s Ontario Mills, a gigantic outlet mall relatively close to campus (about 13 miles away), or Montclair Place, a mall that’s about 2.5 miles away from campus.

Ultimately, there’s a lot going on here and if you don’t want to stay in your room for 4 days (which I also recommend as a wonderful option), just head out and see what you can find!

Until next time, I’ll be snuggling with my comforter and binge watching shows on Hulu! (: