Harvey Mudd now accepting self-reported test scores

Harvey Mudd is excited to announce that effective immediately- including students applying this year for the Fall 2018 entry term- first-year and transfer applicants may self-report their test scores when applying for admission. We hope that this change in our policy will alleviate some of the stress and the cost of applying to Harvey Mudd for our applicants. Only admitted students who choose to enroll at Harvey Mudd College will be required to submit official score reports. Of course, any discrepancies between self-reported and official test scores may affect a student’s offer of admission and place in the class.

We will continue to accept official score reports if you have already requested them or plan to request them for your application. Please email us at admission@hmc.edu for any questions or concerns.

Q: Which test scores can I self-report?
A: You may self-report all required testing:

Q: How do I self-report my test scores?
A: You may self-report your scores in one of two ways:

  • Preferred: Submit your scores through your HMC Applicant Hub.
  • Accepted: Enter your scores in the testing section of the Common Application.

Q: Will you still superscore self-reported scores?
A: Yes.
We will continue to consider your highest section scores across different sittings, and will combine your highest section scores between the SAT and ACT.

Q: Should I self-report all of my scores?
A: Ideally, yes.
1,2 Please self-report every section of all sittings you want us to consider.
1 We recommend you self-report all scores and leave the superscoring to us. However, you can choose to only self-report sittings that have your highest section scores.
2 In the Common Application, you will indicate the number of times you have taken each test, but enter only the highest score for each section. While this is sufficient, we encourage you to self-report all scores through your HMC Applicant Hub.

Q: Can I self-report AP or IB scores?
A: Yes,
though only through the testing section of the Common Application because AP and IB tests are not required for your application. Only required testing can be self-reported through the HMC Applicant Hub.

Q: How many times can I submit the Self-Reported Test Scores Form in my HMC Applicant Hub?
A: As many times as you need.
After submitting the form, the text “Submit New” will appear next to your most recent submission; click this text to submit additional scores. You are not able to edit previous submissions so please email corrections to admission@hmc.edu.