HMC Cribs

Hi all! As usual, long time no see. Seems Mudd has a tendency to make blogging an irregularity for me. Anyway, in this blog I bring you a side of Mudd you probably don’t usually see. I recently saw somebody’s room with a really awesome aesthetic, and it inspired me to share it with the world. So I introduce to you Mudd’s first HMC Cribs, featuring my room, Michael Hamlett’s, and Sienna Guerrero’s.

This is my single in Atwood! I hope it’s not too messy to be on here… Highlight is definitely the balcony, where much time was spent procrastinating.

My room in Atwood. Here's my bed, desk, and closet. My room in Atwood: this is what it looks like when you walk in the door. A sliding glass door leads to the balcony.

My balony, decked out with string lights, a rug, and outdoor furniture. A full view of the string lights on my balcony

Another take on an Atwood room; Michael Hamlett and Max Maleno’s double. Commendable N64 setup. It’s not super clear from the pictures, but each part of the room is half of an L shape.

Michael and Max's L-shaped double room in Atwood. This half of the L has couches, desks, and an N64 setup Michael and Max's L-shaped double room in Atwood. This half has the closets and the beds

Last but not least, Sienna Guerrero ’20’s room! Behold this masterpiece of interior design. She even has a snazzy remote that controls each of her strung up lights. Also a very nice balcony. Props to Sienna.

 Sienna Guerrero's pantry and food prep area. Sienna's cabinets and bulletin board wall.Atwood rooms have an entire wall made of work. Sienna decked hers out with certificates, photos, and string lights.  A couch underneath a lofted bed, with remote-controlled string lights. Hanging file holders from the side of Sienna's bed.  Dorm closets get an upgrade with snazzy curtainsSienna's balcony is filled with potted plants. Some outdoor furniture on the balcony make it a nice place to hang out.