Wheels on Campus

Everyone knows that college students can be lazy. In fact, one of the reasons the “Mudd Bubble” exists is because Mudders have a tendency to only travel as far as they need to in order to get all their basic life necessities. Because almost all Mudders live on campus, eat at Mudd’s dining hall (the Hoch), and take classes at Mudd, there’s rarely a pressing reason to leave campus.

Mudd’s campus is pretty small. It stretches out to about 1 mile from the farthest building south to the farthest dorm on the north, and it’s about as wide as football field. So not very big… But when you’re a tired Mudd student, even a couple hundred meters seems like a hike.

And that’s where wheels come in! Wheels at Mudd come in all sizes and are attached of all sorts of platforms.

Starting off, Mudd has all the traditional forms of transportation: bikes and scooters, and of course, being in Southern California, lots and lots of skateboards.

Sam Ting (‘20) posing on her board as she rides to CS lab.

Bikes are nice especially if you are one of the few Mudders who enjoys going off campus or has to rush to an off-campus class immediately after finishing one at Mudd. Since most of the other campuses aren’t as flat as Mudd is, having a wheeled vehicle that provides more control to the rider can prove to very helpful.

However, because of Mudd’s unique landscape (in other words, because Mudd is literally one long flat stip of land), our campus lends itself well to many other forms of wheels. One of the most popular and eye-catching sets of wheels are freelines.

Kahiwa Hoe, a frosh (‘21), has been practicing freelining every night for the past week and is determined to become a pro!

These little guys are basically a combination of a skateboard and roller blades, so essentially individual skateboards for each of your feet!

Some Mudders are minimalists in their usage of wheels and ride on just one! There’s a unicycling club on campus that rents out unicycles to students and hosts unicycling lessons throughout the year.

This is me trying to learn how to unicycle at ASP ‘16.

And even with the wide selection of wheels on campus, there are still many who choose to walk. But for those of us who want to cut our five to ten minute walk to class in the morning by over 70%, there’s definitely a set of wheels to fit every personality.

A skateboard rack outside the cafe of one of our academic buildings keeps boards, freelines, and scooters organized while students are diligently attending classes.