Meet your senior interviewers!

If you’re a current senior planning on applying to Harvey Mudd, you might be interested in signing up for an admission interview. Many of our on-campus interviews will be hosted by one of our senior interviewers. Before you start getting to know them, here’s couple of Mudd-isms to know:

  • HSA: humanities, social sciences, and arts
  • Senior thesis: capstone project where the student conducts original research with a faculty advisor
  • Clinic: capstone project where students work in teams to complete a project from an outside company, lab, or organization. Read more about Clinic here.

Carla Becker

Carla Becker, HMC 2018

Hometown: Huntsville, AL
High school: Randolph School
Major: Physics and Chemistry double major
HSA concentration: Dance
Senior Thesis: Density and Array Size Limits of 1D1R Cross-point Phase Change Memories
Activities & hobbies: Lab assistant, Zumba teacher, honor board representative, student government (ASHMC, the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College)
Favorite meal around Claremont: Pitaya bowls at The Spot
Why Harvey Mudd? So many reasons! I love the collaborative environment, the access to research opportunities and professors, having an honor code that produces a community of integrity, and the ability to still pursue dance while engaging with a challenging curriculum.

Grant Murray

Grant Murray, HMC 2018

Hometown: Severna Park, MD
Highschool: Severn School
Major: Chemistry
HSA concentration: Art
Senior Thesis: Colloidal Quantum Dots and Applications in Thin Film Photovoltaics
Activities & hobbies: CMS Swimming and Diving, ultimate frisbee, hiking
Favorite meals around Claremont: Pizza n Such, Pokedot, Blaze Pizza, In-n-out
Why Harvey Mudd? Mudd gave me great opportunity for undergraduate research, and it is also a warm tight community filled with the most interesting people on earth. This combination of academic success and humanity drew me so powerfully that I committed early decision with no hesitation. The family I have made here will stay with me forever.

Hamza Khan

Hamza Khan, HMC 2018

Hometown: Varanasi, India
High school: The Doon School, Dehradun, India
Major: Engineering
HSA concentration: Economics
Clinic Project: WET Design PHOSFORS
Activities & hobbies: Mudd Makerspace, EPAIC (Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture), Machine Shop Proctor and Linde dorm president, violin, football (soccer), reading, traveling, exploring museums, playing FIFA and watching TV shows (Rick & Morty, Sherlock, Bojack Horseman).
Favorite meals around Claremont: Blaze Pizza, Aashirwad, Some Crust, Nuno’s, and Augie’s
Why Harvey Mudd? Tight-knit and warm community, liberal arts, emphasis on collaborative learning, cool and approachable professors, really good STEM education and core (both common core curriculum and the engineering major core), and clinic.

Jane Wu

Jane Wu, HMC 2018

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
High school: Diamond Bar High School
Major: Computer Science and Math double major
HSA concentration: Music
Clinic Project: Intuitive Surgical Clinic team – Temporal Segmentation of Surgical Suturing
Activities & hobbies: Violin, hiking, traveling
Favorite meals around Claremont: Viva Madrid, Sanamluang, Poke Dot, and Some Crust Bakery
Why Harvey Mudd? It’s a place where people care about and support each other.

Jasmin Rizko

Jasmin Rizko, HMC 2018

Hometown: Burbank, CA
High School: Mayfield Senior School
Major: Mathematical and Computational Biology
HSA concentration: Arabic
Clinic Project: Helix OpCo LLC – integrating genetic data with phenotypic data collected from wearables
Activities/Hobbies: avid reader, thoroughly enjoys of a good cup of Earl Grey tea
Favorite meals around Claremont: Eureka Burger, Poke Dot, A La Minute, Pinkberry
Why Harvey Mudd? I’ve always been at smaller schools that “did things differently” and I saw no reason to move away from an environment in which I felt I thrived

 Moira Dillon

Moira Dillon, HMC 2018

Hometown: Evanston, IL
High school: Loyola Academy
Major: Mathematical and Computational Biology
HSA concentration: Public Policy
Clinic Project: Helix OpCo LLC – integrating genetic data with phenotypic data collected from wearables
Activities & hobbies: FEMunion (Feminist Empowerment at Mudd), West dorm president, president of SnowSHMC and KombuchSHMC. Hiking, skiing, and exploring California
Favorite meals around Claremont: The Spot, Petisco’s, The Tamale Guy, and Augie’s!
Why Harvey Mudd? I knew Mudd was going to be a great fit academically. I knew I wanted to study STEM but did not want to give up my interest in the humanities, and I wanted to pursue how I could use STEM to work towards social justice. I chose Mudd because of the community. My first day at the Admitted Student Program, I was amazed by how tight knit the community was at Mudd, and how everyone knew each other and cared so much about each other. I am so grateful for choosing Mudd and being somewhere so small, because when I look back at all of my favorite parts of Mudd, it is all due to the small community (my friends, research opportunities, and relationships with professors).

Patrick Scalise

Patrick Scalise, HMC 2018

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Highschool: Indian Springs School
Major: Engineering
HSAconcentration: Spanish
Clinic Project: ATI Metals
Activities & hobbies: Hiking, rock climbing, soccer.
Favorite meals around Claremont: Brunch at Pappa’s in La Verne or Tacos from The Taco Man in Montclair.
Why Harvey Mudd? I wanted to study engineering without sacrificing my interests in the humanities while also contributing to a diverse, vibrant, ambitious, and strong community.

Ramita Kondepudi

Ramita Kondepudi, HMC 2018

Hometown: San Jose, CA
High School: Singapore American School
Major: Engineering
HSA Concentration: Literature
Clinic Project:  BD Biosciences – Characterization and Improvement of Acoustic Microfluidic Chips
Activities & Hobbies: doodling, running, tennis, TV!
Meals around Claremont: The Shakedown at Pitzer
Why Harvey Mudd? I love the people here! It’s so comforting to have such a close knit community to experience the Mudd struggle with. I also love being able to take classes in literature, cognitive science, and philosophy as an engineer!