Frosh Adventures

Hi everyone! Today’s special summer blog post comes to you from our summer tour guide, Toty Calvo ’20.

Hi everyone, there is a new blogger here in town! I just trekked the Mudd for my first time and let me tell you it has been a very exciting and tiring year. My friends and I have visited amazing places around LA and Claremont. It has been pretty accessible since Mudd is so close to the train station and we have bikes to borrow from the Linde Activities Center (LAC). Here I’ll show you my top 5 trips of the year

1. Disneyland ~ October 18

Disneyland during fall break was the best idea The BBQ Frosh (our group name in every social media app) ever had! It was the best idea because number one, we were not paying the hundreds of dollars for the tickets and two, we had all of our friends coming along with us. Thanks to CAP we got discounted Disneyland tickets and got to enjoy the whole day. We went on Splash Mountain, Star Wars, and many more rides. It helped us build stronger connections with one another and it was a great break after an intense first half-semester.

A group of Harvey Mudd students poses in front of the castle at Disneyland

Left to right: Maya Martinez, Guadalupe Quirarte, Toty Calvo, Greg Murphy, Jill Cardamon, Rogelio Aguilar, Ian Taylor, and Callie Glanton – all Class of 2020

2. Pershing Square Ice Skating ~ December 16

Being from Downtown Los Angeles, when Christmas comes around it is time to celebrate. A tradition Downtown has is having an ice rink during the winter months. I decided to take some friends skating and see how they would do here in the LA rinks!

3. Noodle World Jr. ~ January

Despite this being Southern California and having perfect weather, we got RAIN! Our visit to Noodle World Jr. was for some nice, hot ramen in the stormy weather. We biked for about hree blocks in the rain to get there. The ramen totally hit the spot and it was just what we needed to spend some time off campus, get soaked, and to enjoy each other’s company

4. Huntington Beach ~ May 2

Living in SoCal has A LOT of perks; this includes BEACH DAY at Huntington Beach! On the week we like to call “Dead Week” (the week classes are finished), everyone comes up with plans about what to do. The BBQ Frosh decided we needed a beach day. We sat on the sand, enjoyed the sunset and took lots of pictures.

Toty and a friendToty takes a selfie with a friend

5. Dodgers vs. Giants ~ May 3

Yet another event that we got to attend that was subsidized by CAP was the Dodgers vs. Giants game. As an LA girl, I live for the Dodgers and although my roommate, Callie, is not a fan she decided she would attend for the fun of it! Although we lost, we bonded a lot with some upper classmen over the trip. Additionally, we got to take part of the Tommy’s tradition Dodgers fan indulge in; eating a heavy loaded Tommy’s burger and a side of chili fries.

A group selfie in the bleachers at a Dodgers game