Muddy Murals

April 15, 2017, by Bailey Meyer

Dorms can sometimes feel very repetitive. The room and layouts are often mirrored, and in a lot of dorms, they are practically the same. However, there is some room for making creative changes that last for more than a year or two of residency in Mudd dorms. One example of this is painting murals.

I do not know all of the regulations about painting in the dorms, but more information is available here. I think the main idea of the process is that the mural and paint used need to be approved by F&M (or Facilities and Maintenance), and then you can paint it yourself. Below are some examples of murals in the Mudd dorms.

One of the newest murals on campus was painted in Ruth Sung’s (’17) suite in Sontag. After taking some time to plan and dong some initial sketching, the mural was finished over spring break this year.

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