Skiing SoCal

Hello readers! Long time no see, I’ve been a bit stuck in the Mudd lately… but it’s okay because now I’m back to give you all wonderful, fresh content and terrible, old puns. I bet you know students in SoCal love to surf, but did you also know they love to ski in their free time? Seeing as this has been the coldest California winter in history [in my time here], I thought it would be relevant to talk about the winter wonderland that SoCal can be.

Twenty minutes north of Harvey Mudd is Mount Baldy, offering over 400 acres of terrain ripe for skiing and snowboarding. They have great student discounts on tickets and rentals, and what’s more is you can pile it on top of subsidies that come from SnowSHMC, Harvey Mudd’s very own ski and snowboard club.

Drive an hour and a half north east and you’ll get to Big Bear, one of the biggest mountains in SoCal. There’s many more trails than in Big Bear than Baldy, and again there’s two levels of discounts to reap the benefits from.

Finally, a four and a half hour trek away, Mammoth mountain offers 151 trails covering a total of 5.5 ski-able square miles. Every year the outdoor club at Claremont has a weekend trip to the mountain that includes a stay at an amazing lodge. You can find out more about it here!

Moira Dillon ’18, snow enthusiast, had this to say:

“I have been incredibly surprised with how great the skiing is in southern California. While Mammoth is a huge mountain with great skiing, it is 300 miles away. This year, we have been lucky that Mt. Baldy has gotten enough snow to open. A few weeks ago, once I was done with class for the day, I drove 15 miles from Claremont, where it was 75 and sunny, up to Mt. Baldy, where there were several inches of fresh snow. It was amazing to start the day in shorts and then have an incredible afternoon of skiing only 15 miles away from campus.”

Shoutout to Moira Dillon and Marissa Lee ’18 for the pictures!