Saturday Nights

There is always work to be done at Mudd, but sometimes you just need to take a break and relax. Saturday nights are good for social events, including parties, Late Night in the LAC, and spending time with friends. Parties at Mudd happen regularly, and many of the large ones have distinct themes. Case holds Sing Along, which involves dancing on tables and singing as loud as possible, and Casemas, which historically has snow brought in for snowball fights. West hosts Wild Wild West, a western themed party complete with peanut shells and cowboy hats, while North throws Paint Party. These are great events to socialize with other Mudders and sometimes students from the other Claremont Colleges.


(From left) Sophie Graf (’18), Vinh Hoàng (’17), Kim Joly (’18), Daniel Johnson (’18), me, and Joe Sinopoli (’17) after attending Paint Party last year.


Another Case party, known as Slippery When Wet, takes a lot of preparation. Students build decks in the middle of the courtyard before filling it with water (last year it was salt water imported from the ocean since we were in a drought). The set up is complete with color-changing lights and a waterfall.

However, there are plenty of other activities available Saturday nights if parties aren’t for you. First, there is Late Night in the LAC, a new event organized every Saturday by one of the dorm Reslife teams. My team was in charge of last Saturday’s LNL, and we decided to play Capture the Flag. We also brought pizza, wings, brownies, and cheesy bread for attendees to enjoy.


Sophie guards the flag for her team during LNL.


Discussing strategies before the next round of play.

Clubs sometimes throw events on Saturdays, such as the ITR games, a movie watching party, or a board game gathering, but another option is to create your own activity! My frosh year, my friends and I would assemble in one of our suites to bake, watch a movie, have a dance party, or just hang out and talk. Now that we are juniors and some of us have cars, we get together on Saturdays to go out to eat, do a puzzle room, rock climb at a climbing gym, or just hang out and talk like we did as frosh.


(From left) Ramita Kondepudi (’18 and a fellow blogger), David Kwan (’18), Sophie, me, and Stetson Bost (’18) gathered together in Sontag lounge for a movie night during frosh year.

There are lots of options for things to do on a Saturday night while at Mudd. Whatever you like, whether it’s parties, movies, board games, or Capture the Flag, it is not too hard to either find an event to attend or someone with similar interests to hang out with to take a break from your homework and relax.