Snapshots with Snapchat

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In this post I’m going to share with you what a typical day at Mudd looks like, for two sophomores at least. Rather than tell you what it’s like I’ve decided to show you, by hopping on the millennial bandwagon and utilizing popular newfangled technology dubbed “Snapchat”. Apparently it’s all the rage these days, the kids love it. So I adopted this technology and took screenshots of snapchats I would send throughout the day. I also received snapchat updates from a fellow student (Lupe Carlos ’18) showing what his day is like. Hope you enjoy (ps you can click on the pictures to make them bigger, I realize they look kind of small to begin with).

Here’s what my schedule for this day was like (I believe it was a Wednesday):

6:30 am Swim team practice

11:00 am Continuum Mechanics (Engineering)

1:15 pm Physics Recitation (Physics)

2:45 pm Principles of Computer Science (Computer Science)

4:00 pm Swimming again yay

Hopefully this will give my pictures some context!

me_1 me_6 me_9 me_10 me_12 me_13 me_5 me_11 me_4

Lupe’s day

Note that not everyone at Mudd swims! It just so happens that Lupe’s PE is swimming and I’m on the swim team, so you get a double dose of it in this post. Lupe’s schedule is a mystery but it clearly involves a lot of E4, the first level engineering course offered at Mudd. The official title for E4 is Introduction to Engineering Design and Manufacturing, and in it you learn basic design principles, how to work in teams, and how to use the machine shops at Harvey Mudd. You can see in Lupe’s pictures that he’s clearly utilizing those skills!

Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-47-49 Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-47-55 Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-48-09 Screenshot_2015-11-16-08-10-53  Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-48-17  Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-48-24  Screenshot_2015-11-16-11-48-31  Screenshot_2015-11-16-12-43-52  Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-34-13   Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-34-23  Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-34-29  Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-34-34  Screenshot_2015-11-16-18-34-43  Screenshot_2015-11-16-19-24-32  Screenshot_2015-11-16-19-24-38